Fix Face ID Not Working with AY A108 Box (WITHOUT SOLDERING) - The Easiest Way!
The AY A108 Programmer is a great tool for repairing smartphones’ face ID issue with the latest soldering-free method. In this blog, we'll provide an overview of this tool and a step-by-step tutorial on how to use the AY A108 Programmer.
Phonefix offers a wide range of face ID repair tools and solutions such as i2C i6S, JCID JCID Non-removal FPC, Mijing ZH01, Qianli DZ03,etc. Today, let's focus on how to use the A108 Box.

What is the AY A108 Programmer?
The AY A108 Programmer is a specialized device developed by AY Tech Corporation. It is a professional tool that helps phone technicians easily repair smartphone face indentation array without requiring a complicated soldering process.
Fix Face ID Not Working with AY A108 Box (WITHOUT SOLDERING)
It is also very fast and convenient as it can be done through a simple wiring connection using common JCID and i2C i6S programmer methods.

How Does It Work?
The AY A108 programmer is designed to use its advanced technology to connect directly with a smartphone’s face indentation array. With the help of the programmer, technicians can bypass the soldering process and do a wiring connection between the face indentation array and the programmer quickly and easily.

After that, the programmer can then send a signal or programming instruction to the array which will then receive the commands and start the reconstruction process of the phone's face identification data.  

How to Use the AY A108 Programmer?
Before you start, make sure you have all the necessary components, including the AY A108 programmer, an appropriate wiring connection, and a high-speed USB cable.
Step 1. Connect the wire to the programmer
Connect one end of the wire to the AY A108 programmer, and then connect the other end of the wire to the face indentation array.

Step 2. Connect the USB cable and turn on the AY A108 programmer
Connect one end of the USB cable to the AY A108 programmer, and then connect the other end of the cable to the computer. Turn on the AY A108 programmer.

Step 3. Install the driver software
Download and install the AY A108 driver software from the AY Tech Corporation website.
Download the AY A108 software at
Watch AY folding flex tutorial videos here:

Fix Face ID Not Working with AY A108 Box (WITHOUT SOLDERING)
Step 4. Start the programming process
Execute the program in the driver software, and select “Repair Face Identification” from the menu. Then, follow the on-screen instructions to begin the programming process.

Step 5.
Check the status of the repair
After successful repairs are completed, the program will prompt you to check the status of the repair. The status of the repair can be determined in the “Status” section in the program.

Step 6. Complete the repair
When the repair is completed, the program will prompt you to finalize the repair. Simply follow the on-screen instructions and the repair will be finalized.

The AY A108 Programmer offered by Phonefix is a perfect tool for repairing smartphones face ID without doing any complicated soldering processes. All repairs are done quickly and easily using the programmer.
Final Thoughts
The instructions above should help you make the most out of your AY A108 Programmer. So, if you’re looking for an easy and effective way to repair your phone’s face indentation array, the AY A108 programmer is definitely the way to go.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ):

1. A108 Box fails to boot/crash
When the device is off, press and hold to read and write, and then power on to enter the upgrade mode. Click "Check Device Update" .

2. A108 Box cannot be turned on, showing a black screen
1. Hold down the read button and write button at the same time.
2. Use the USB cable to power the instrument until you see the upgrade screen.
3. Connect to Yixin Assistant and click "Check Device Update" in the bottom right corner.


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