For Safe FACE ID Repair - Phonefix SELECTED iRepair MS1 and Mechanic Heat Kit
Hot Air Guns are commonly used for desoldering and soldering in Face ID repair. However, the operation of a hot air gun is difficult and it can easily bring damage to components. And that's why Phonefix brings you this iRepair MS1 soldering heating station.
For Safe FACE ID Repair - Phonefix SELECTED iRepair MS1
Specially designed for Face ID repair, the MS1 heating platform can heat Face ID parts evenly and efficiently with simple operation. Check out our blog now and you will definitely be surprised!

It is a universal platform, and you can use it especially for iPhone X-14 pro max face ID repair. The item supports A15 CPU chip, A15 HHD, and iPhone 13 baseband glue removal.

When you use the module that comes with this machine as a fixture for the dot matrix projector, the disassembly and assembly of the dot matrix projector becomes easy and safe.
For Safe FACE ID Repair - Phonefix SELECTED iRepair MS1
Besides, it functions intelligent 15 minutes sleep, 183° three minutes extreme speed rise, fast stratification, safe disassembly, so it is no damage to the motherboard.
I also chose the platform for its precise positioning and temperature, rapid temperature rise, and LED temperature display. For Safe FACE ID Repair - Phonefix SELECTED iRepair MS1
LED display: Equipped with led display, it is easy to operate and use. The heating speed can be adjusted by pressing its button to meet your different needs.

Electric heating plate: Added countdown function, 110v, 220v can switch at will, layering and fitting are more secure. The electric heating plate works stably with high temperature and long service life.

Wide Use for Mobile phone repair: It comes with iPhone X -14 Pro Max module, universal module, dot matrix module and allow to follow-up unlimited upgrades.
For Safe FACE ID Repair - Phonefix SELECTED iRepair MS1

Precautions for Use

If different tin pastes are used for bonding, the corresponding adjusted temperature will be different. (in addition, temperature error will occur when the weather turns cold)

Recommended temperature for bonding low temperature tin:180°C
Recommended temperature for bonding medlium temperature tin:190°C

When adjusting temperature and time, there is only an increase key but no decrease key, but the numerical circulation mechanism and current number controlled by temperature and time are set.

After the value is adjusted to the highest value, it can return to the lowest value to implement the cycle.

Heating Platform for Reflow 

A lot of people use just a Heat Gun for your SMD Reflow work, which brings a big risk for Face ID repair. Many hobbyists also use converted ovens for Reflow, but I've always wanted a hot-plate style Reflower.

Reflow soldering is the most widely used method of attaching surface mount components to printed circuit boards (PCBs).  The aim of the process is to form acceptable solder joints by first pre-heating the components/ PCB/ solder paste and then melting the solder without causing damage by overheating.

If you have limited space, the size of an oven can be an issue. But I think there's other advantages too!   
For Safe FACE ID Repair - Phonefix SELECTED iRepair MS1The key aspects that lead to an effective reflow soldering process are as follows:
  •     Suitable machine
  •     Acceptable reflow profile
  •     PCB/ component footprint Design
  •     Carefully printed PCB using well designed stencil
  •     Repeatable placement of surface mount components
  •     High quality PCB, components and solder paste
Suitable machine is a vital factor. For Safe & Efficient FACE ID Repair and a tight budget, I'd tested with a relatively cheap Preheater Mechanic Heat Kit and got a great experience.

The Mechanic Heat Kit reflow soldering preheating platform is designed for the original solder of mobile phone motherboards, curve heating, intelligent and safe desoldering and reflow.

3.4inch Screen display monitor temperature changes, realizing reflow soldering temperature curve data monitoring. Mechanic Heat Kit holds 5 application scene modes: degumming, layering, lamination, tin planting, and welding.
For Safe FACE ID Repair - Phonefix SELECTED iRepair MS1There 3 commonly used memory temperatures, automatic recording of the current temperature and manual recording of the current temperature mode.

Adopted a new MCH ceramic double heating element, the platform achieves faster heating, more uniform temperature, and stable performance.
For Safe FACE ID Repair - Phonefix SELECTED iRepair MS1
There are turbofan blades for heat dissipation and built-in strong wind cooling system, which is very safe for iPhone X to 14 Pro Max Motherboard repair.

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Preheating platform

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