How to Fix iPhone 6 Flashlight Can’t Be Used Issue
Some users say that the flashlight greyed out in the control center, the flash not working when taking photos, or the LED flash not working. iPhone flashlight not working? We restarted the iPhone, and test it again; the problem is still there. We guess there is a problem with the iPhone 6 motherboard. We need to disassemble and check it.

Use screwdrivers to remove the screws next the iPhone lighting port, put iPhone 6 on the CPB Screen Heating Pad, turn the iPhone display screen down and connect it to the CPB screen separator. After a while, we can take out the iPhone 6, and then use LCD sucker to open the iPhone screen easily.

How to Fix iPhone 6 Flashlight Can’t Be Used Issue
Carefully remove the iPhone display screen, disconnect the iPhone battery, and then remove the iPhone motherboard.

Put iPhone motherboard under the microscope to observe, it’s found that there is no iPhone flashlight IC, and the solder pad of the iPhone flashlight IC has lost several pins.

We contacted the owner of the iPhone 6 for more details, and the owner of the iPhone said that this iPhone 6 was repaired by other shop, and they replaced the iPhone flashlight IC, but it didn’t work because the iPhone flashlight IC was burned after a while. So they removed the iPhone flashlight IC and didn’t install it on the motherboard.

There are 8 Pins were lost by counting the missing pins under a Trinocular Stereo Microscope. Log in to the ZXW online account and check the iPhone 6 schematic and bitmap, and we can see that for those missed Pins are grounding line, the power supply of the LEDI light, the Pin of the flashlight auto boost Pin.

The iPhone flashlight IC was burned because the iPhone flashlight IC lifted boost Pin lost, the signal is in a suspended state, causing the iPhone flashlight IC to burn after power-on.

Attach the iPhone motherboard to the PCB holder fixture, put it under a microscope, apply some solder paste to the motherboard, and then use QUICK TS1200A soldering station to solder the missed pins on the solder pad, and then use green UV oil to insulate and cure it.

How to Fix iPhone 6 Flashlight Can’t Be Used Issue
Now, install an iPhone flashlight IC to the motherboard.

Assemble the iPhone 6, press the power button, the iPhone 6 is turned on properly. After entering the IOS system, open the control center, and tap the flashlight icon, now the iPhone flashlight can be turned on successfully, the iPhone 6 flashlight problem has been solved!

Hope your iPhone 6 is all OK. If you come across other camera problems, please let us know by leaving your comment, thanks!

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