How to Fix iPhone 6P Wifi Button Cannot Turned

Some iPhone user complained about an unstable Wi-Fi connection or the fact they were not able to connect to Wi-Fi network at all. Some users successfully connected, but the connection kept disconnecting. In addition, some users can't turned on the Wifi button, it is grayed out. Here, we are going to list the solutions for iPhone Wi-Fi issues, including Wi-Fi button grayed out. You can try out first.

After we received the iPhone 6 Plus, there is no obviously damage, the iPhone 6 Plus looks good. Press the iPhone power button to turn on iPhone, after few seconds, the white Apple logo appears as usual, and then it enters iOS system properly.

Testing all functions on iPhone, the 3D touch, camera and Bluetooth functions all are normal, except the iPhone Wifi function, the iPhone Wifi switch can't be turned on, and it’s grayed out. Firstly we try to fix by some simple software solutions, but not working, until we dissemble the iPhone and fix it in hardware aspect. The repair process is as follows.

Firstly we try to fix it by restarting. As we know the iPhone Wifi problem could be caused by the iPhone has software problems or crashed App, restart iPhone can fix many simple software problems.

In order to restart the iPhone 6 Plus, please press and hold the iPhone Switch Button until the slider appears, drag the slider to turn your iPhone 6 Plus completely off, after the iPhone 6 Plus turns off, press and hold the iPhone power button again until you see the Apple logo.

Now test the iPhone Wifi switch, but it's still won't turn on.

Secondly we try to fix it via reset Network settings. The iPhone network setting problem also can cause iPhone Wifi failure, so we need to reset the network settings.

In order to reset network settings, tap settings-> General-> Reset, and then tap reset network setting.

After resetting, back to Wifi to check, the iPhone Wifi switch still is grayed and won't turn on.

Is it the iOS problem? So we try to fix it by updating iOS. Go to Settings-> General, and tap Software Update on iPhone 6 Plus, the iOS update is available. Because the iPhone 6 Plus can't connect to Wifi , so we going to update it via iTunes.

Connect iPhone 6 Plus to the computer via iPhone lighting cable, and then use iTunes to update the iOS. Unfortunately, the iPhone Wifi switch is still not turn on.

Now we need to disassemble the iPhone 6 Plus to check inside of it.

Use screwdriver to remove the screws next to the iPhone lightning port, and then put iPhone on the CPB Screen Heating Pad, after a while, we can disassemble the iPhone smoothly.

How to Fix iPhone 6P Wifi Button Cannot Turned
Remove the iPhone motherboard, and then use QUICK 861DW hot air rework station to remove the iPhone Wifi IC, we found that there are many pins of the iPhone Wifi solder pad are dropped, this is the real problem, we need to re-fill the pins.

Clear up the solder pad, re-fill the dropped pins, and then apply the green UV oil to fix them. Install the iPhone Wifi IC back to motherboard, and then install the iPhone 6 Plus.

Power on iPhone and test it, now the iPhone Wifi switch can be turned on smoothly, and the iPhone Wifi function is working properly.

In this article, we mainly talk about iPhone won't connect to Wi-Fi. Hope you can easily solve the problem after reading this post. If you have other questions, please leave a comment in the comments.

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