How to fix”iPhone 6 Plus Touch Screen Not Working”
iPhone 6 Plus screen not working? Have you ever encountered the situation that your iPhone touch screen got "stuck" or seemed not responding? Whatever you do to the iPhone screen like tapping or touching, there is nothing happened on the screen, and the iPhone home button also not working. Don't worry, we will show you some tips to help you deal with the issue.

Touch problem is one of the most common faults for iPhone, both software error and hardware error can cause this problem. Therefore, we can try some simple software solutions to solve this problem, if it doesn't work, then we need to check iPhone hardware aspect.

Software Solutions

1. Update IOS

IOS update is the useful solution for software issues, and it is easy to update IOS. Usually there are two ways, on is update it on iPhone, but now iPhone touch function not working, then we need to use another way, update it with iTunes.

In order to update IOS, please connect iPhone to computer with iPhone charger lightning cable, and then use latest iTunes to update IOS.

How to fix”iPhone 6 Plus Touch Screen Not Working”

After the update is complete, turn on iPhone and test it. If the iPhone touch screen and home button still not working, then try next solution.

2. Restore iPhone

As we know, DFU restore is a powerful software solution, it solves the iPhone software problem most deeply, because it will erase all data on iPhone, including all settings and all information. So, before you restore iPhone, you need to backup it, so you won't lose any data.

Connect the iPhone to computer with iPhone lightning cable, put iPhone 6P in DFU mode, and then use iTunes to restore it.

After finish the restore, please turn on iPhone to test, but the iPhone screen touch function and home button still not working, now we should check iPhone hardware aspect.

Hardware Solution

1. Replace the new iPhone screen 

Use screwdrivers to remove the screws at the bottom of the iPhone screen, and then put iPhone 6P on the CPB Heating Pad, after a while, we can remove the iPhone display screen easily.

How to fix”iPhone 6 Plus Touch Screen Not Working”

Now, install the new iPhone screen, and test it, the iPhone screen touch function still not working, but the iPhone home button can be used normally.

2. Replace the iPhone Home button

Use the original iPhone screen, and then use 3U tools to detect the iPhone, after checking the detection information, we found the this iPhone 6P home button is not original.

Remove the iPhone home button, and then install the new iPhone home button. After testing, the iPhone home button is back to normal work.

3. Measure the iPhone motherboard

Because the iPhone screen is fine, so we need to check iPhone motherboard. Remove the iPhone motherboard, use digital multimeter to measure grounding resistance for the touch connector, the data is normal, and the working voltage measured also is normal.
4. Replace the iPhone touch IC

Based on our experience, for the iPhone 6P touch problems, mostly it's caused by touch M1 Pin, because it's easy to disconnect.

Remove the iPhone black touch IC, and then measure the working condition for it, all is normal. Now we are going to replace the iPhone touch IC. Use QUICK 861DW soldering station to install the new iPhone black touch IC, after replacement; measure the iPhone motherboard again, all data tested is normal.

5. Test the iPhone 6 Plus

Now, assemble the iPhone 6 Plus, power on it, the iPhone 6P is turned on smoothly. Test the iPhone home button, it's normal. Then test the iPhone display screen, now the iPhone touch function also works normally. The problems have been solved!

I hope the repair method in this article can help you easily solve the problem that the iPhone touch screen does not work properly. If you have other questions, you can leave a comment below, or you can contact us directly. In addition, if you have a better way, please let us know.

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