MagicAWRT:  7 in 1 Restore Tool for Apple iWatch Series S1-S6
As an Apple Watch restore tool, 7 in 1 MagicAWRT can be used for Apple Watch iCloud Bypass Repair working, Solve white Screen, “!" point, Restart error, Screen Show Error, Touch No, others faults on apple iwatch S1-S6(S0/SE), (38/42/40/44mm).

For example, if your Apple Watch Screen appears a red exclamation point after a software update, MagicAWRT Adapter can easily solve and there is no need to contact Apple Support for service and so on.

How to use MagicAwrt (Apple watch restore tool)?

1. Connect MagicAwrt Adapter to Apple Watch.

2. Connect the watch with MagicAWRT to your Mac.

3. Open your computer and Run the software (MagicClock and MagicCFG Diagnostics)

The MagicAWRT Apple Watch restore tool supports Apple Watch Series 1 - 6. In addition, MagicAWRT can fix related issue once Apple Watch touch screen got replacement.

Please note that for this MagicAwrt adapter, we only provide hardware. Regarding the software firmware, each MagicAWRT adapter has a unique serial number. You can use the serial number to use MagicClock and MagicCFG diagnostic files. Or it can be used with iTunes/3U tools, but the Apple Watch firmware needs to be purchased separately.

iBus and AWRT adapter are two different brands, but AWRT Adapter and iBus tool have similar features that you can choose based on your needs.

Other Apple Watch Restore Tools:

AWRT Adapter

AWRT Adapter is suitable for iWatch S1 S2 S3 S4 S5 S6. This AWRT Adapter Apple watch restore tool can restore/upgrade and repair software.

1. AWRT Adapter for 1st gen and S1

2. AWRT Adapter for S2 and S3

3. 3 in 1 AWRT Adapter for S1 S2 S3 S4 S5 S6

AWRT Adapter can be applied to 38mm and 42mm and AWRT Adapter is just a hardware(adapter), it doesn't contain any software or related watch firmware, the customer needs to find the software/firmware themselves.

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