Why are mobile phone repairs who have been in the business for more than 10 years fleeing the industry?

“Why are mobile phone repairs who have been in the business for more than 10 years fleeing the industry?”

Why are mobile phone repairs who have been in the business
I think I am most qualified to answer this question. I have been in the industry for more than 10 years since 2010, and I have witnessed the ups and downs of the entire industry. Almost every year, the industry leaders predict that it will be difficult to make money this year!

It's hard to perform every year, but each year there is always someone performing. There are many people who have good ideas but few people who actually take action. This seems like nonsense that everyone believes. There are many colleagues around me who have such "problems".

For example, my friend, who has been repairing PHS-BOX for decades. When I wrote the manuscript, I saw that his Moments were still posting: "Yes!! Another machine was repaired in seconds."He also talked to me about some of his thoughts on how to make money but executed very few actions to do so.

This is a typical story of the average mobile phone repairer. If he walks the talk, he would not be guarding a small shop for decades as a boss repairing the mobile phones by himself.

Smartphones are becoming more and more complex, manufacturers make developments every year, software is being updated, hardware is iterating, and the internal integration of mobile phones is increasing. So why do you think customers choose you?
Why are mobile phone repairs who have been in the business
There are also more and more encrypted components. Simply change the screen/camera/battery and other components, a cell phone will have pop-up sequel. Even if it is cheap, will customers accept it? It's hard!

SOC starts from the 8nm process to the current 5nm (A series). Will 4nm & 3nm still be able to warp the CPU in the future? Can it really be done by hand? Even if it can be done, how to deal with the re-repair be handled?
There is no systematic training for third-party maintenance and fewer drawings. To be honest, how many of the original factory pictures can you understand? If anyone can understand the entire schematic, then repair is wasting his talent. He will not choose to earn this money to affect his future development.
To tell the truth, I have been in the business for more than ten years. I can only understand where some simple and universal English and drawings lead, what chip is there, where are the pins, how are the pins of the chip, and that's all I got!Why are mobile phone repairs who have been in the business

iPhone 13 Treardown Pic

When a mobile phone manufacturer releases a new mobile phone, everyone maintains it relying on exploration and experience, the probability of failure is very high, and the loss of the machine will lead to doubts. If you don't do it, you won't make any money. So high risk doesn't always pay off.

The current flagship mobile phones are basically equipped with IP68 and Corning Gorilla Glass, and the anti-drop performance and waterproof performance are greatly improved. For example, I have done an iPhone 13 pro max 100-meter drop test. The stainless steel middle frame is really hard, which also reduces accidents.

So, how does the maintenance business come about? It is really not easy to repair a mobile phone. What is more challenging than repairing a mobile phone is to acquire new customers. In the past, when you opened a store with a conspicuous place and a large flow of people, you basically didn't have to worry about business. There are customers every day. Now? Too little!!
There are certainly good stores, but very few of them. Every time I go to the business district, I always think, how many of the people on the street are potential customers? Less than 1% of customers want to repair their mobile phones!

With the development of the Internet and the rise of short videos, the way of acquiring customers has completely changed! I have done a lot of customer acquisition methods when doing maintenance: 1. Natural traffic. 2. Train newcomer. 3. Ground promotions. 4. O2O model customer acquisition. 5. Short video customer acquisition. 6. Fission. In short, it is very difficult to acquire customers for mobile phone repair, and the  the conversion rate is extremely low. I think I'm really lucky. I always try when I have an idea.

I have performed the after-sales service market of mobile phones, O2O model mobile phone repairs, short video repairs, mobile phone maintenance training, and mobile phone repair tool development. This can be regarded as an experience of starting a business, and it is worth it!

Back to the question at the beginning, why do people who have been in the industry for 10 years flee the maintenance industry one after another? This is actually a good thing. Mobile phone maintenance earns money by their youth. Who has sharp eyes at the age of 40? Who holds tweezers without shaking at 40? Who can stay up until 1 o'clock at 40?

So when you see a peer quit, please congratulate him! You can learn from his experience. Mobile phone repair is a really small industry, which is a stepping stone. It's not your end, but your transition.

Farewell to those who quit maintenance!
Hats off to those who are repairing!

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