A Comparison of OSS Team Soldering Stations: T12 vs. C210/C245
Probably most of you know the popular OSS T12-X soldering station. The T12 and the C210/C245 soldering stations are commonly used by hobbyists and DIY enthusiasts for repair work and personal projects. We will explore their specifications, tip options, and overall performance. Let's dive in!

Overview of the T12 Soldering Station

The T12 soldering station, particularly the T12-X Plus model, is widely known for its popularity among hobbyists. It boasts several improvements over its predecessor, the T12-X.
The T12 handle features various internal designs, some with double-wipe contacts on FR4 boards and others with molded-in connectors on plastic tubes.

First, we will show you what changes have been made to the successor of this popular model, i.e. the T12-X Plus - presenting the contents of the entire set and the basic configuration of the new station.
The compatibility of T12 handles with the KSGER station is straightforward, as it simply requires a connector at the end of a wire. The handle incorporates a tilt switch to detect movement and an NTC (Negative Temperature Coefficient) to prevent overheating.

It's important to note that both 4-pin and 5-pin connectors are used, so attention must be paid to ensure compatibility or purchase additional connectors if necessary. Additionally, the wire between the handle and the connector can be bought separately or as part of a bundled set with the handle.
The quality of the wire can vary, with cheaper versions typically made of PVC and better versions featuring silicone insulation.

For those seeking additional flexibility, the control PCB with an O-LED display and a rotary button can be purchased as a spare part, allowing users to modify the software and remove any unwanted features. There are various firmware variants available online, often found in git repositories.

Overview of the C210/C245 Soldering Station

The C210/C245 soldering station series from the OSS team offers a more specialized approach with dedicated tips for specific applications.
The C210 is designed for smaller components, while the C245 is suitable for larger soldering tasks. These stations feature ergonomic handles and excellent temperature control for precise soldering.

Comparing T12 with C210/C245

When comparing soldering stations, it's essential to consider their overall performance and tip compatibility.

Price and Value

The T12 soldering station, being more versatile with its wide range of compatible tips, offers good value for hobbyists and DIY enthusiasts who require flexibility in their soldering tasks.
The C210/C245 stations, with their JBC C210 C245 Soldering iron Tips, provide targeted performance but may require additional investment in different tip options.

Tip Compatibility

The T12 soldering station is compatible with a wide range of T12-style tips, offering flexibility for different soldering tasks. On the other hand, the C210/C245 stations have dedicated tips designed for specific applications, providing optimized performance for their respective tasks.

The choice of tip depends on the components being soldered. It's ideal to have the largest handle available for the size of the tip to maximize wattage and thermal mass.

Power and Heating

The T12 station typically offers higher wattage options compared to the C210/C245 stations, providing more power and faster heating. This can be advantageous for soldering larger components or dealing with challenging solder joints.

Compare with KSGER or Quicko

The OSS team offers the T12-X soldering station, which has several improvements over other options like KSGER or Quicko. It includes a stand, cleaning sponge, brass wire, and a silicone pad for tip removal.

The T12-X features a new display with a power bar graph similar to JBC stations, as well as sleep/delay functions. The OSS team also manufactures their own T12 tips, which are slightly more expensive than common T12 tips found online.

Soldering Fundamentals and Tips

Regardless of the soldering station chosen, it's crucial to master the fundamental techniques. These include:
  • Proper thermal energy to overcome the thermal mass of the joint.
  • A clean solderable surface.
  • The use of a proper working alloy.
  • Flux application.
Additionally, it's recommended to use a hot air station to help saturate the area with thermal energy when needed, as it can complement the soldering iron.


In summary, the T12 soldering station is versatile and compatible with various tips, while the C210/C245 stations offer specialized performance and precise temperature control. Consider your soldering needs, budget, and component types when choosing between them.
For hobbyists and occasional use, both options can work well when fundamental soldering techniques are understood and applied. It's advisable to explore instructional resources and seek support from communities such as China Phonefix for additional guidance.
Remember, soldering is a skill that can be honed with practice and the right cell phone repair tools at hand.

Some Customers Feedback
“ t12-x is indeed a nice station. I got myself t12-x. Used it a lot in the two years with my t12 style tips. I must say, the handle with that nice jbc style silicone cable Relief and with the nice silicone cable was the real update for me from my old bakon station.”

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