All Must-Have Tools For Common Cell Phone Repairs DIY

Whether you are going to be working on cell phone repairs as a profession, or you just have enough knowledge to help your friends and family when they have a problem. With a little know-how and the must-have tools for common cell phone repairs, you can fix many problems with your handset for cheaper than an insurance claim.
All Must-Have Tools For Common Cell Phone Repairs DIYTo Getting your all answers start reading online mobile repairing tools page to the end.

Before you open up your hardware, you'll want to make sure you have a few things on hand:

Mobile Phone Repair Tools Category
Here is the mobile phone repair tools category:

1. Cell phone opening tools
2. Cleaning and servicing tools for mobile repairing
3. Testing and checking tools for Cell phone repairing
4. Soldering and desoldering tools for smartphone repairing.
5. Mobile phone repairing accessories
6. Mobile Repair Software

In this mobile repair spare parts category, we'll explain what to look mobile repairing accessories look while using smartphone repairing tools, as well as list the top cell phone spare parts on the market.

1. Cell Phone Opening Tools

When we're talking about mobile phone repairing tools we must understand mobile phone opening tools and Cell phone opening tools.

The below mentioned are the best mobile repair tool kit that is used by everyone.

Basic Cell Phone Repair Tool Kit 

All Must-Have Tools For Common Cell Phone Repairs DIY
A screwdriver kit: Your phone is filled with a myriad of tiny screws, and it goes without saying that you'll need a set of screwdrivers China Phonefix not only sells a toolkit with many of the screw heads you'll need, but many iWatch repair tool kits will do.

The iten is universal cell phone repair tool kit Screwdriver Set Screen Removal phone opening tool kit and Magnetic Bits, and can also be used for Computer, Watch, Mobile Phone, Laptop, Drone repair.

Magnetic screw mats: magnetic screw mats are very helpful. Also, instead of tweezers, I use a slightly magnetic screwdriver to lift the screws out of place. It works for all screws, doesn't risk flying parts, and leaves you with one less tool to fumble with.
All Must-Have Tools For Common Cell Phone Repairs DIY
Specialty screw heads: In addition to regular screwdrivers, certain smartphone models—especially modern iPhone—use special screws that standards sets can't handle. While this is usually done to prevent unauthorized repairs, you can buy tools that can open up the hardware.

Touch Screen Separator Machine

LCD separator machines come in a variety of models and functions. Which machine is best? Well it depends on a few things. How much are you willing to spend? Separating machines can cost as little as $50 and as much as $2,000. It all depends on the quality and functions of the machine.

Touch screen separator machine use to separate smartphones, iPhone, and iPad glass, touch, and LCD. Check out the Smartphone LCD Screen Separator Machine Repair Tools Heat Plate price and details here.
All Must-Have Tools For Common Cell Phone Repairs DIY
TBK-258 Screen Separator Machine: This 400W UV Multi-Function LCD screen/cover separator has upper, middle and lower frames OCA degumming UV curing function, and you can adjust the angle freely.

In China phonefix shop, most heating platform with multiple functions can rotate 360°, can be used for repair work such as screen removal, frame removal, UV curing, oca removal of glue on curved screen phones.

As these machines become more and more easily available, the price keeps coming down for some good machines. You can typically get one for around $200.

2. Cleaning and Servicing Tools in Mobile Repairing

Inside every mobile phone, there is PCB. To clean mobile phone PCB and its components we need the following mobile service tools.

PCB Cleaner: Mainly used in SMT industry PCB surface resistance, capacitance, IC and electronic components welding. Mechanic Soldering Tin Paste - welding spot is bright, full and good weldability,suitable for superior continuous printing.
All Must-Have Tools For Common Cell Phone Repairs DIY
PP Structural Adhesive is designed for mobile phone glass frame back cover bracket, bonding glue DIY resin jewelry repair super glue for phone screen frame repair.

2. 2UUL Battery Board Soldering Wire
All Must-Have Tools For Common Cell Phone Repairs DIY
2UUL Soldering wire: for iPhone 12 11 battery interface solder mobile phone repair tool, and you do not need electric welding machine.

2UUL Battery Board Soldering Wire can be used for small battery board, free of welding machine operation. It has good activity, low melting point and fast welding speed.

3. Testing and Checking Tools in Cell Phone Repairing

As you know after opening and cleaning the mobile phone we need to find faulty components on mobile phone PCB. On this page, we have the best Testing and checking tools for you to know.

1. Digital Multimeter
All Must-Have Tools For Common Cell Phone Repairs DIY
Mechanic iTouch DM Digital Multimeter Voltage Current Tester: an electronic Multimeter that has the ability to measure DC voltage/AC voltage, DC current/AC current, resistance, Capacitor, diode (4.2V high voltage output)

2. iBoot Power Supply Cable
All Must-Have Tools For Common Cell Phone Repairs DIY
MECHANIC iBoot box power supply test cable can be used for iPhone 6g-13 pro max series android motherboard repair boot line, ipad battery-free power supply boot up line.

3. DC Power Supply

DC (Direct Current) is used to provide DC present to a mobile phone. The most mobile technician used DC Digital DC Power Supply to switch ON a mobile phone without battery power.

4. Phone Current Test Cables with Power Supply Output
All Must-Have Tools For Common Cell Phone Repairs DIY
DC Power Supply Testing Cable: The dedicated repair wire is designed to read mobile phone circuit. these cables allow you to plug smartphones into the best DC power supply.

5. JC V1SE Programmer For iPhone Screen Battery
All Must-Have Tools For Common Cell Phone Repairs DIY
JC V1SE Programmer: For iPhone Screen Battery Face ID Repair for iPhone screen true tone battery fingerprint face ID receiver FPC flex cable read write repair.

It cames with screen true tone board/battery board/fingerprint board/Face ID dot projector board/receiver FPC board/iPhone 12 Series screen board for iPhone repair.

6. JC P13 Programmer For NAND Purple Screen Repair
All Must-Have Tools For Common Cell Phone Repairs DIY
JC P13 Programmer spport full range of ios device's NAND Disk, Bootcode reflash, syscfg repair. wifi unlocketc. More about 33 models include ix ios device are Supported by JC P13 box.

The item can be used for iPhone SE2/8P/X/XS/11/12/13 Pro Max NAND Memory Upgrade Error Repair One Key Purple Screen Repair.

4. Soldering and Desoldering Tools in Mobile Repairing

As you know soldering is a process where you actually combine or join two separate parts on a mobile PCB, two tracks or any of that stuff or even to place a compliment on the PCB. So that is where you use these tools.

Microsoldering Tools

So, what does it take to learn hand soldering microelectronics and component level repair? The best place to start is with the micro soldering flux and soldering micro resistor.

Start by making sure the iPhone logical broad and the leads of the components are clean and free from any dust or grease. Microelectronic components which are not clean may have deposited oxides that can lead to the bad solder joints.

Soldering Station
All Must-Have Tools For Common Cell Phone Repairs DIY
AiXunT3A Soldering Station For Phone PCB Repair

AiXunT3A 200W Smart Soldering Station is World's First 200w Smart Soldering Station For Phone PCB Repair. It features auto dormancy, temperature memory, low voltage protection, support handle T245, handle 936, handle T12.

Cleaning Sponges for Soldering Iron, Soldering Iron Tip Cleaner

Refresher Solder Cream for Soldering Iron Tip: To improve work efficiency, you need this Tip Refresher.It will solve the problem of soldering iron hair blackening remove the black layer. When the tip surface is oxidized, it become dark and does not wet properly,it can removes the oxides on the tip.

Sponge help to remove oxides from soldering iron tip for best soldering avoid damaging your soldering iron tip buy soldering iron stand now on China Phonefix shop.


During your repair process, you would perform an initial examination of the device motherboard, inspect for damage externally, then proceed to view the board with the components under a microscope to see problems. Anything repaired and soldered under a microscope would be also considered "micro soldering jobs".

You can’t learn to solder all microelectronics without a microscopic.
All Must-Have Tools For Common Cell Phone Repairs DIY
Microscope: is used to see a magnified view of Device PCB, FPC connectors or microelectronic components. Microscope can easily see and work with iPhone and other smartphone motherboards.

The most important feature of the microscope is the glass. Microscopes can be connected to a computer LED.
All Must-Have Tools For Common Cell Phone Repairs DIY
You can add a 4K camera to your microscope. the camera is a great way to showing customers exactly what sort of repairs need to be made on there smartphone circuit as well as teach other technicians logic board level repair.

5. Mobile Phone Repairing Accessories

Here is the most common mobile repair accessories you should have when you start a mobile repairing shop.

Lightning cables to charge your iPhone or iPad
Mobile sim card ejector tool kits
Replacement chargers and charging ports
Headphone jacks and speakers
Touchscreen digitizers

For instance, China Phonefix Shop have iPhone parts and iPad parts, LCD screens and replacement batteries, and even replacement parts for android phone repair.

6. Mobile Repair Software

UMT Pro Dongle stands for Ultimate Multi Tool. UMT Pro Dongle Support for MTK SPD Qualcomm Samsung LG Motorola Alcatel Lenovo Oppo Huawei smartphones. UMT use for Flashing, Remove Sim Lock, Repair BT, and Repair IMEI. You can add this Dongle to your mobile software tools list.
All Must-Have Tools For Common Cell Phone Repairs DIY
Mobile repairing software free download full version pdf help you understand smartphone software repair tools.

To choose the best mobile hardware and software tool for your business, you need to consider a few factors. If you are choosing high quality mobile repairing tools see price, features, and customer reviews.

If you’re not sure of which tool kit to buy, check out our cell phone repair tool kit. For quick and economic repair of all your phone issues, contact China Phonefix Team for all repair tools. Here you will find the affordable and finest quality of mobile repair tools & cell phone parts for multiple brands.

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