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The 5-in-1 iWatch Restore Tool for Apple Watch S7/S8/S9/Ultra, is designed to restore, upgrade, and repair Apple Watch S7, Watch S8, Watch S9 and Ultra series. In this article, we at Phonefix will explore the features and benefits of this tool, as well as provide information on compatible free IPSW firmware.

Apple Watch S7 S8 S9 Ultra 5-in-1 Brush Tool

The Apple Watch S7 S8 S9 Ultra1.2 5-in-1 Brush Tool is a cutting-edge device that supports restore, upgrade, and repair your Apple Watch S7, Watch S8, Watch S9 and Watch Ultra 2 effortlessly.  
Important Notes:
  • Anyone who purchases the Apple Watch S7 S8 S9 Ultra1.2 five-in-one flash tool will receive free IPSW firmware.
  • For most watches from the iWatch S7 series onwards, entering DFU mode is required for the firmware update.
  • While Windows' iTunes can also be used for the update, it is recommended to use the Apple i4 tool for greater stability.

Compatible Firmware Versions:

The tool supports various firmware versions, including the S9 with version 10.0.2 and the S7, S8, Ultra1, and Ultra2 with version 9.63. China Phonefix Shop provides all compatible firmware versions for free, making sure iWatch repair technician can restore your phone successfull.

Where to Find the Firmware:

To access the firmware for Apple Watch Series 6 and later models, you can visit the following firmware links provided by China Phonefix Shop:
Group 1: 1-8
Group 2: 9-14
Group 3: 15-18
It is highly recommended to use the i4 Restore Tool that comes with the Apple computer. After online, i4 will prompt you which firmware to use.

Beside, AWRT 3rd GEN Adapter restore tool is also available in Phonefix shop for Apple watch S1 S2 S3 S4 S5 S6 restore/upgrade and repair software.


China Phonefix Shop offers the Apple Watch S7 S8 S9 Ultra1.2 5-in-1 Brush Tool, firmware, and convenient and efficient solutions on various Apple Watch restore and repair.

In addition to this, China PhoneFix Shop offers a range of latest cell phone and apple watch repair tools and accessories, ensuring you have the necessary resources for successful repair. Visit Phonefix website to explore their range of iWatch Restore Tools and other Apple watch repair tools.
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