How to Fix iPhone XS Max Touch Function Not Working Issue
In our daily life, the touch function of your iPhone is extremely easy to damage. Sometimes the touch function does not work properly due to water in the phone and dropping. Press the power button normally, the phone screen lights up, but the touch function does not work. Probably because the motherboard is damaged. Today, we will show you how to solve the iPhone XS Max touch failure.

Put iPhone Xs Max on the aluminum alloy pad, use phone opening tools to disassemble the iPhone Xs Max, remove the iPhone display assembly, disconnect the iPhone battery, and then remove the iPhone motherboard.

How to Fix iPhone XS Max Touch Function Not Working Issue
Put the iPhone motherboard under a microscope to observe it, and we found that the iPhone motherboard had been repaired before, the iPhone touch connect is distorted.

After observation, we saw that the iPhone motherboard is oxidized and corroded. Use PCB cleaner to clean the iPhone motherboard. Firstly, use cotton to clean the iPhone ear speaker connector, and then clean the iPhone front camera. (Or we can use DA-968 Intelligent Ultrasonic Cleaner to clean the motherboard).

How to Fix iPhone XS Max Touch Function Not Working Issue
Check iPhone motherboard middle layer, it's fine. Now use digital multimeters to measure the iPhone touch connector, when measured the 3 Pin, it's not resistance value, which is abnormal.

Because the iPhone XS Max was damaged by dropping, so we suspected that the problem is on the connection between the iPhone touch board and RF board, which causes the iPhone touch connector 3 Pin has no resistance value.

Log in to the ZXW dongle to check iPhone schematic diagram, the touch connector 3 Pin have 3.5V touch power supply.

How to Fix iPhone XS Max Touch Function Not Working Issue
Attach the iPhone XS Max motherboard to the SS-601K PCB fixture, and then use hot air gun and tweezers to remove the touch board. Clean it, and then reball it.

Finally, assemble the iPhone XS Max, turn it on, and test it, now the iPhone touch function is working properly, and all other functions are working well, the problem has been solved.

I hope the above method will help you. If you have other more effective ways to resolve iPhone touch function not working issue, pls let us know in the comments section below.

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