How to Protect Cell Phone Camera Lens: The Only Guide You’ll Ever Need

The iPhone camera is durable, but it's still vulnerable to damage if it's not properly protected. The glass lens on the back of the iPhone can easily become scratched or cracked. Here are 3 Phonefix's solutions to invest in the longevity of your iPhone’s camera lens.

Even if you keep it in the cleanest of rooms, the tiny dust particles flying around will quickly aggregate on the surface in a few days. And without proper cleaning habits, the aggregated dust can significantly mar the efficiency of your iPhone camera.
How to Protect Cell Phone Camera Lens: The Only Guide You’llIt’s always advisable to keep the camera lens area clean, as using a phone wallet or protector to keep your iPhone and camera in good condition.

When it comes to protecting your camera lens from scratches, there are several ways you can proceed.

Method 1: A Protective Phone Cover

How to Protect Cell Phone Camera Lens: The Only Guide You’llInstead of taking a somewhat streamlined approach, you can take the more general and practical approach of phone body protection. TPU protective covers are your best bet.

They take point impact quite gracefully by distributing and absorbing shocks from falls and drops, which prevents any serious damage from happening.

TPU phone covers with raised edges around the sides of the camera are highly effective protective devices. They even prevent scratches from occurring when you place your iPhone face up on a flat platform.

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