Important Precautions for Cellphones Assembly and Disassembly

For mobile phone repair novices, what are the precautions when disassembling Android and iPhone devices? VIP FIX Shop Team here will give you some suggestions to avoid accidental equipment damage during repairs.

Important Precautions for Cellphones Assembly

First of all, regardless of any mobile phone, you need to make sure of turning off the power before phone disassembling

iPhone Devices

1. Understand the basic internal structure of different iPhone models.

2. Pay attention to the length of the screws that fix the iPhone display interface. If you install it incorrectly, the screw column will be penetrated, which will cause the bottom line to be interrupted, resulting in no display, no earpiece, etc., which is very troublesome to repair. 

3. Pay attention to the disassembly and assembly of the radio frequency antenna. Do not disassemble its metal interface, otherwise the entire radio frequency cable must be replaced, even the tail plug cable must be replaced together.

4. The devices without disassembled before are generally tightly glued, the iPhone parts like tail plug, power-on volume must be preheated and then disassembled, otherwise they will be easily torn off, especially at the corners of the cable.

5. The wireless charging function started from iPhone 8. It's safer to disassemble the motherboard and remove the battery first to better replace the back cover, otherwise insufficient experience will damage the wireless charging coil.

6. Pay attention to the antenna connection port. At the antenna contact point on the chassis, the screw needs to be fixed in place. The small iron piece for the connection is indispensable, otherwise it will affect the signal.

Important Precautions for Cellphones Assembly

Android devices:

1. Pay attention to the sequence of phone disassembly, and you need to know the different phone structure clearly. Now most cellphones are disassembled from the back cover, such as those phones with glass back cover.

2. Older android devices are with fixing screws at the bottom, the first step is to remove the back cover.

3. Regardless of whether its back cover is glass or metal, as long as there is a fingerprint module connected to the back cover, you need to pay attention to the opening tool not to insert the fingerprint cable when disassembling. 

4. Some cell phones are disassembled from the screen. For example, the phones without tail screw and metal back cover. The back cover does not have a multi-layer structure at all but extends completely to the screen. This generally requires the fist disassembly of the screen.

5. Some phone battery glue is inconvenient to pull, for example, Huawei's does not have a tearing position or a handle position at all, so it needs to be heated to remove. And there are also many parts or components are required to be removed with phone preheating machine.

6. The back cover of some phones is easy to peel off, so you need to be prepared for next step of repair in advance.

7. The power-on and volume cables of some phones are very narrow, which can easily break if they are not disassembled properly.

8. Some older devices have button light cables. Be careful not to tear them when you disassemble and change the screen. There is a cable on both sides of the Home button that is glued to the bottom of the screen.

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