iPhone 14: USB-C, Touch ID, No iPhone 14 mini, Is this true?
The iPhone 14 is coming in 2022 and leaks are rolling in at a surprisingly rapid rate already. USB-C, Touch ID, No iPhone 14 mini, Is this true? Here is iPhone 14 latest rumors about (Updated December 24).

iPhone 14: USB-C, Touch ID, No iPhone 14 mini, Is this true?

No iPhone 14 mini?
Despite the iPhone 12 mini's reportedly poor sales, Apple has revealed an iPhone 13 mini. But the mini could be toast after that, as the company will reportedly shake up the iPhone 14 lineup for 2022. There could be a larger iPhone 14 Plus or Max to go along with the regular 6.1-inch iPhone 14. So there would be two regular size phones and two larger screen iPhone 14 models.

iPhone 14: USB-C, Touch ID, No iPhone 14 mini, Is this true?

This was further backed up by Prosser, who in a video claimed the iPhone 14 Max will be the replacement for a mini phone, offering a 6.7-inch display only without coming with a load of pro features and thus an hefty price tag. Given the appetite for larger phones, a big yet more affordable iPhone could be just the thing for iPhone fans.

About iPhone 14 USB-C
With the European Union looking to force device makers to adopt standardized charging and cables by 2024, the days of the Lightning port could be numbered; Apple has a big European presence after all.

Prosser has expressed doubt on this being the case. But other leakers have touted the USB-C rumor, noting that the iPhone 14 Pro will come with USB-C.

We'd welcome USB-C connectivity, given Apple's iPads and MacBooks have adopted the port. But Apple can doggedly stick to its guns when it comes to the iPhone. We'd surprised if Apple did ditch the Lightning port on the iPhone 14, but the new EU plan could mean that its days are numbered.

About iPhone 14 Touch ID
One of the most significant changes for the iPhone 14 over its predecessors is tipped to be the return of Touch ID.

Only rather than get integrated into a power button, it will supposedly be embedded under the iPhone 14’s display, much like a lot of fingerprint sensors on the best Android phones.

iPhone 14: USB-C, Touch ID, No iPhone 14 mini, Is this true?

According to a recently leak, the iPhone 13 Pro models will come with an under-display take of Touch ID. But the leaker was careful to say that this take on Touch ID is still being tested and it's "unclear" if we will end up seeing it.

A separate leak from @PandaIsBald on Weibo in a since-deleted post says that the iPhone 14 actually won't have in-display Touch ID, so the jury is out on how likely under-display Touch ID on the iPhone 14 will be.

According to Jon Prosser and his Front Page Tech video, the iPhone 14 will look like an iPhone 12 crossed with an iPhone 4. Those edges rounded buttons for volume central harks back to the iPhone 4.

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