2024 Smartphone Repair Industry: Facing Further Challenges
Since 2015, the smartphone repair industry has accurately predicted rising difficulties due to the increasing reliability of mobile phones, leading to a decline in common problems. Depending on occasional incidents for repairs hampers cell phone repair business expansion, resulting in a passive operational setting.

Struggles with Business Development

The cell phone repair industry depends on the quality of mobile phones. How can you make a fortune? And business It is too scattered and not centralized, and the cost of relying on stores is very high. The huge costs you can’t imagine, chain stores and O2O model are basically all gone now.

Because whether it’s a chain store or O2O store, it really doesn’t help an individual’s repair business very much. Now I prefer to go to the official company for cell phone repairs, as it feels more reliable. The price difference between official domestic mobile phone repairs and third-party repairs is very small.
Why should consumers choose third parties to repair their phones? Except for Apple’s abnormal repair prices, there is really no price difference between domestic mobile phones, and it only has a certain effect on consumer-sensitive users.

For wealthy people, there is basically no difference between the repair price of 200 and 300usd. I won’t waste time just because of hundreds of dollars.

Limitations of Franchise Chains

Let’s talk about cell phone repair chain stores. Chain stores are helpful to your store image and management, but they are also a huge cost. You need to consider how long it will take to recover the cost. Management is even more difficult. There is already a lot of spare parts inventory for maintenance.

When it comes to smartphone parts, it is common to miss one part. Using inventory management software requires a dedicated person to manage the inventory. Isn’t this another labor cost?
Third-party repairs cannot only replace the assembly, like official after-sales service. In order to save costs, even a tail plug The microphones have to be replaced individually. This piecemeal inventory management is really not enough to support the business.

What if the management is great? Consumers will not see this. As long as your store is a little tidier and feels a little more reliable, that's enough. It doesn't matter whether you join or not.

If you expect the chain to bring you orders, you are wrong. Firstly, it is difficult for chain users to generate stickiness, and the frequency of business generated is low. There is nothing that can stick to customers and make them remember you and interact with you often.

After a customer repairs his or her mobile phone, he or she will forget your brand in the blink of an eye. Will he still remember your APP? Moreover, with users so scattered, who can expect orders to be sent to your store? So the road to franchise chain is basically blocked. 

Wholesale of Repair Tools and Accessories

Let’s talk about the wholesale of mobile phone repair tools and mobile phone accessories. This is a popular business for upstream wholesalers, but it is no longer popular anymore.

The repair tools are very simple, such as clamps, jigs, special data cables for maintenance, ammeters, air guns, etc. Product updates are slow. In particular, clamps can be used for a long time. The clamps we make are basically complete and can be used until retirement.

Because of this, our business collapsed. Special clamps are not necessary. Because they cannot be used universally, too many fixtures also occupy the maintenance technician's maintenance station. Not a solution at all.

In addition to the previous board moving, I used CNC high-tech polishing before I left. Moving the boards is very easy. Do I need to customize special fixtures? Are there any specializing in board moving now? I don't know.

Don’t believe in high technology when it comes to hot air guns and BGA Rework Station. They just have good temperature control, are stable and easy to use. Therefore, air guns cannot stimulate sales.

In addition to the production line purchasing air guns in large quantities, there is no need for personal repair shops to replace your original air guns because of some manufacturers' gimmicks. It cannot make your repair better.

There are also cell phone maintenance consumables. Maintenance requires a large amount of consumables, such as flying wires, soldering wires, steel wires, glass covers, cleaners, washing water, solder paste, etc... These are limited in quantity, but for wholesale only Can make a little money.

Reliable Repair Tools & Parts Suppliers:

Finding reliable, reasonably priced, and consistently available repair parts suppliers is vital for repair shops. Here are some highly regarded suppliers of iPhone accessories in the market:
  • DIYPHONE Mobile Phone Accessories Supplier: They offer original quality accessories at competitive prices, accommodating both wholesale and retail needs.
  • PHONEFIX Repair Tool Supply Chain: This supplier prioritizes quality control and provides a wide range of repair accessory options.
  • DIYFIXTOOl Website: A supplier that integrates online and offline services, ensuring fast logistics and responsive customer support. It's an excellent choice for collaboration.
Judging from the global new sales of mobile phones, mobile phone repair is a difficult business from top to bottom. It depends on whether you are strong or not, whether you can seize the opportunity, and whether you need new breakthroughs and profit points.

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