Fix Phone Screen Scratches with iG17 Grinding Polishing Machine
In the past, fixing phone screens scratches meant replacing them, which was costly and needed skilled workers. But now, there's a new machine- iG17 Grinding and Polishing Machine that makes it easy and affordable.

This machine is designed to quickly refurbish screens with small scratches in just 3-6 minutes, while bigger scratches take 8-12 minutes to fix. It's a game-changer for old phones LCD Screen refurbishing.
This machine is simple to use. Just set it up, press a button, and it starts working. You can fix up to four iPhones display screen scratches at once, which means you can work on around 20 phones every hour. It's super efficient and reduces refurbishment costs significantly.

Here's How It Works:

  1. Flip the water tank switch on the left side of the device to pull the water tank out.
  2. Open the water tank and pour in the allocated grinding powder mixed with water (about 100 grams of grinding powder for every 10 liters of water). The water can be reused, but it's recommended to filter the water from the machine with a sieve for better results.

    If the water quality changes or has a strange smell, replace it. Stir the grinding fluid occasionally to maintain a higher concentration.
  3. Connect the upper water pipe to the regulating nozzle and adjust its position. Use the operation panel:
    • Time setting: The "m" in the middle represents minutes, with the left side indicating minutes and the right side indicating seconds.
    • Turntable speed adjustment: Can be set up to 100.
    • Start button: Press to start (with a lock feature).
    • Emergency stop button.
    • Clear time button.
    • Power switch button.
    • Power outlet.
  4. Use the regulator to adjust the grinding time:
    • Left side adjusts minutes (+/- buttons).
    • Right side sets seconds (usually set to 0).
    • The middle red letter "m" indicates that the data above are calculated in minutes.
By following these steps and using the right screen repair tools, you can make old phones look brand new. This machine is a great investment for refurbishing factories and phone recycling companies.

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