3 Suggestions for Your DIY Phone Repair

If something goes wrong with your phone, do you prefer to DIY fix it by yourself or send it to the repair shop? By DIY phone repair, you can save money and effort by yourself quickly. It's true that it takes risk to break the phone, but in fact, as long as you master some simple maintenance methods , The basic mobile phone repair is no problem. Here, China Phonefix Team will give you 3 phone DIY repair suggestions as follows and you must pay attention to avoid more potential damages to your phone. 

3 Suggestions for Your DIY Phone Repair

1. Be sure to remove phone battery first

This suggestion applies not only to mobile phones, but also to almost all electronic devices. What we need to do is to disconnect the battery power cable as soon as possible after the phone disassembly. The first step after opening the back cover is to disconnect the power cable.

Why this step is important? Although it must be off when we disassemble the phone, the circuit is still live because the power is still connected to the circuit. Many of our metal tools and fingers are conductive and have static electricity. Once touching the phone motherboard and causing a short circuit, it will break down the circuit and cause the motherboard to paralyze. 

Static electricity is terrible for electronic components. So, whether you need to change the battery, the screen or even just open the phone and simply clean up the internal environment of the phone, separating the connection between the battery and the motherboard is the first thing we need to do. 

There is one more thing to note, especially in the drier north where static electricity will accumulate. Therefore, before starting the phone disassembly, it is best to remove the electrostatic discharge from the body.

3 Suggestions for Your DIY Phone Repair

2. Disassemble your phone properly

In order to ensure reliable structure, mobile phones may use two or more fixing methods at the same time. The glass back cover is the most fragile product that needs to be disassembled carefully. 

After heating, the viscosity of the glue will decrease a lot, so for professional maintenance, a heating platform and a hot air gun will be prepared as a disassembly tool. But for most of us, these two things are not so easy to get, but we have a simpler and easier tool: electric hair dryer. If there is no heat gun, the hair dryer is barely okay.

We use the hot air of a hair dryer to heat it for about 3 minutes before disassembling. The heating temperature is subject to the hotness of the body touch. After heating, use a suction cup or a crowbar to open the gap between the screen or the back shell. During this period, if you encounter parts that are more difficult to degummed, continue heating and then tilt it open. Use a thin and flexible crowbar as much as possible. The thinner the warp rod is easier to insert into the gap, the more flexible the warp rod is less likely to damage the screen or glass.

3. Pay attention to routine maintenance

It is better to maintain it daily if we think about repairing it. If you usually treat your phone a little bit more carefully, you can actually avoid a lot of unnecessary damage.

Although some mobile phones currently have a waterproof design, this does not mean that you can take it to bath and soak in hot springs. Water vapor in high temperature conditions is more likely to invade the inside of the phone than water. Although the phone may not get watered in one attempt, such an attempt is still very dangerous.

If the phone does not have a waterproof design, then it will be more "precious". The screen is dirty and want to wipe it with a wet wipe? This is of course no problem, but be careful that there is a non-waterproof earpiece above your screen. If the technique is too "rude", you may wipe the screen clean but ruin the earpiece.

Therefore, if you want to clean electronic devices, anhydrous alcohol is the best, and general high-concentration alcohol is not harmful. The same is true for the headphone jack or the data interface, just use a cotton swab dipped in a small amount of alcohol and wipe it gently. On the one hand, alcohol as an organic solvent has a stronger cleaning ability than water. On the other hand, its rapid volatilization also prevents damage to inner components of cellphone.

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