5 Hidden iPhone Functions You Need to Know
There are some tricks and hidden functions of iPhone that many people don't fully use. Many functions may not be used when they switch to a new phone. In this article, China Phonefix Team will show you 5 hidden iPhone functions. After the actual test, you will find that using these hidden functions saves time and effort. If you master these useful hidden functions, you will have a better experience in your daily life.

5 Hidden iPhone Functions You Need to Know

1. Memo scan files with one click

You can long press the memo - scan document- enter the scanning interface on your iPhone screen, and place the document in the viewfinder. If the shape of the document is regular, the system will automatically generate a PDF, or you can confirm it yourself by taking a picture, and then adjust the outer border, the generated PDF document is still Adjust the file shape, color, etc., and finally transfer it through other apps.

2. Input method-undo-redo-previous operation

When typing, after doing any operation, including input, delete, paste, etc., just swipe left with three fingers to undo the one-step operation button, and swipe right with three fingers can redo. The same operation can be achieved by shaking the phone left and right.

3. Screen recording

The screen recording function comes with the iPhone. In Settings-Control Center-More Control-Find Screen Recording, click + and the screen recording will be added to the Control Center, and then click the button in the Control Center. Start recording after the countdown of 3 seconds. Long press the screen record button and you can also call up the iPhone microphone. After turning it on, the voice outside the phone, such as your speech, can be recorded.

This is also super convenient. Although it is not used frequently, it can be used immediately and help you save a lot of your time for searching!

5 Hidden iPhone Functions You Need to Know

4. Tap the back to open the shortcut function

First, open Settings-Accessibility-Touch and tap the back-two taps and three taps respectively. In addition to the most common screenshots, there are many other functions to choose from, such as lock screen, mute, control center, Siri, etc., You can also activate shortcut instructions.

5. Tactile touch

Without opening the APP on iPhone, you can directly call up the secondary menu by long pressing, the camera can also take a selfie with one click, and clear messages in the notification center with one click. Others The app also has a hidden shortcut function, you can try more when you have time.

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