3 Ways to Repair iPhone 12 Keeps Crashing
Some users had complained that  the iPhone 12 is constantly crashing problem. Simultaneously, many users replied that they have been getting the same problem after the iOS 14 update. 

3 Ways to Repair iPhone 12 Keeps Crashing

When you install the new iOS update on your device, some apps still can’t match the new version. If any specific app crashing on your iPhone, go to the App Store and update the app to the latest version. 

Method 1: Force Restart your iPhone 12

Since iPhone 12 battery is non-removable, performing a force restart is your alternative.

Battery removal is one of the most helpful procedures when it comes to dealing with smartphones that keeps crashing or shutting down randomly. If the problem is due to a minor software glitch, this process might do the trick.

How to forece restart: Press and release the iPhone Volume Up button quickly. Then Volume Down button. Lastly, press and hold the Side button for a few seconds until you see the Apple logo on the iPhone display screen.

Let’s say that your iPhone 12 that keeps crashing or shuts down randomly is able to push through with the restart process and the issue has been fixed, update the apps on your device.

This will remove the possibility of rogue apps causing your iPhone to experience relevant symptoms.

How to update: Home-App Store-Today tab at the bottom-left corner-user profile icon-Available Updates-Update-Update All

Method 2: Run a DFU Mode Restore on your iPhone 12

The most in-depth type of restore that you can do to your iPhone 12 is a Device Firmware Update (DFU) mode restore. This is a state where it allows your device to communicate with iTunes even when the bootloader is not sync or activated.

1. Connect your iPhone 12 to the computer using the supplied USB/Lightning cable. Once connected, open iTunes on your computer.

2. Press and quickly release the Volume up button, then Volume down button. Press and hold the iPhone 12 side button until the screen goes black.

3 Ways to Repair iPhone 12 Keeps Crashing
3. After the screen turns black, press and hold the Volume down button while keep holding down the Power/Side button.

4. Release the Power/Side button after 5 seconds but keep holding the Volume down button until your iPhone 12 shows up in iTunes.

5. Release the Volume down button once you see your iPhone in iTunes then follow the rest of the on-screen instructions to start restoring your iPhone through iTunes.

Once the process has been completed, you can exit the DFU mode by performing a force restart.

Method 3: Restore your iPhone 12 via Recovery Mode Restore

If your iPhone has encountered a severe damage caused by software glitches, then this could be the answer to the crashing problem. Trying to put your iPhone 12 in recovery mode and then restore iOS in iTunes.

1. Open the iTunes and connect your device to the computer using the Mechanic iData Recovery Cable. Then allow iTunes to sync with your iPhone and backup files. 

2. Then press and release the Volume Up button quickly-Volume Down button-Power/Side button once prompted with Connect to iTunes screen. Do not release the button when the Apple logo appears as you will need to enter recovery mode state.

3 Ways to Repair iPhone 12 Keeps Crashing
You’ll see either Update or Restore option once you enter the recovery mode. Select Restore if you want to reinstall and download iOS on your device without erasing data.

Only disconnect your iPhone from the computer once you are prompted to do so. Test your iPhone and check if it still crashes or shuts down randomly.

We hope these methods helped you to fix this annoying crashing problem. If any other solution worked like magic for you, please do share with us in the comment box.

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