5 Common iPhone Issues You Can DIY FIX at Home

Nowadays, mobile phones are of great importance to each of us. It is not very convenient to do many things without mobile phones. The iPhone has been updated very quickly. However, on various models of iPhone devices, problems such as crashes, restarts and some other issues still trouble us during use. So how to deal with these iPhone problems in a timely manner? Today China Phonefix Team has organized some common iPhone issues and corresponding solutions that you can DIY FIX at home.

5 Common iPhone Issues You Can DIY FIX at Home

1. iPhone screen is not responding

Sometimes when we playing with iPhone, the screen suddenly loses its response and cannot move forward or return. At this time, you can try to force the shutdown by pressing the iPhone HOME button and the power button at the same time until a white apple appears on the screen. In addition, this This method can also clear some basic caches. If you often use the iPhone to watch videos or view pictures, you can try this method occasionally.

2. iPhone consumes power too fast

There are generally two reasons for fast power consumption. One is that your phone's screen is bright and some unused functions are still turned on, and some apps stay in the background, which will cause the iPhone to consume too much power.

The second type of firmware damage may be due to leakage of the motherboard, incorrect display of battery power, battery damage, etc. We can't know the specific firmware damage, and we can only send it to the Apple after-sales service center for inspection and repair.

3. No response while booting

When the iPhone shuts down automatically, no matter how you press the iPhone power button, there is no response. This is not the case that the phone is broken?
Use the data cable iPhone to connect to the computer, it can automatically start. You can also hold the power button and home button for a few seconds at the same time, and you may find a white Apple logo.

4. iPhone can be charged when turned off, but not when turned on

After getting the data cable, connect the lightning interface at one end of the iPhone first, and then plug in the power plug in the second step. If it still cannot be turned on for charging, unplug the Lightning interface, change the side up, and then reinsert the Lightning interface. Note that the power plug does not need to be changed, which can basically solve the problem of not being able to charge when turned on.

In fact, this is generally due to the problem of the data cable. The simpler method is to directly change the data line to solve the problem. If none of the above methods work, for safety reasons, get it to a repair center for testing.

5. iPhone generates a lot of heat

It is a very common issue for iPhone, this happens regardless of the old and new iPhone devices, because it is normal to heat up when using the phone, but if it is hot, it is another matter. Let's take a look at the methods to deal with heat:

- Try to avoid using iPhone in high temperature environment;

- Remove the phone from the protective cover to help cool the iPhone;

- Reduce the time of using iPhone to play games. Playing games is the most expensive mobile phone processor, so heat generation is inevitable;

- Turn off GPS. GPS is actually the culprit of iPhone fever, it is also a major cause of power consumption;

- Avoid using the phone while charging. Generally speaking, the heat of the phone is generated by the battery and processor of the phone. If you play with the phone while charging, the iPhone’s heat may increase.

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