6 Steps to Start Phone Repair Business
For mobile phone repairers, no matter what kind of failure occurs in the mobile phone, it must go through six stages of asking, watching, listening, touching, thinking, and repairing. It's just that for different models, different faults, and different maintenance methods. In this article, China Phonefix Team will give the details of these 6 steps, hoping to help you who are just getting started with mobile phone repair.

6 Steps to Start Phone Repair Business

1. Ask. Just like a doctor's consultation, we must first ask the mobile phone owner about some basic information, such as the process and cause of the failure, the age of the mobile phone, etc. This kind of questions should be the focus of further observation and clues to think about.

2. Look. Due to the wide variety of mobile phones, it is inevitable that you will encounter new models that you have been in contact with a lot before or less models on the market. You should look at the specific models when you look at them. For example, when you repair a mobile phone, look at the green LED status indicator when the device is on. Whether the light is flashing, the information on the phone display screen when the call is dialed, etc., combined with these observed phenomena and symptoms provide ideas for further diagnosis of the fault.

3. Listen. The fault can be preliminarily judged from the voice quality, volume, and intermittent sound of the phone to be repaired.

6 Steps to Start Phone Repair Business

4. Touch. The step is mainly for power amplifiers, transistors, integrated circuits and some mobile phone components, you can feel the surface temperature by touching it with your hand. If it is hot, you can think of whether the current is too large or the load is too heavy, and you can roughly judge the phone fault based on your experience.

5. Think. That is analytical thinking. Based on previous observations and collected data, use your own maintenance experience, combine with the working principle of specific circuits, and use necessary measurement methods to comprehensively analyze, think, and judge, and finally make a maintenance plan.

6. Repair. Replace and solder components that have become invalid. The professional phone repair tools like soldering iron, microscope will be required.

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