9 Important Tips for Your Mobile Phone Repair

The invention of mobile phone has developed to the present with the increasing penetration rate, more and more people have mobile phones and we can see that mobile phones have subverted this era. Naturally, it will also drive many people to join the mobile phone repair industry. So how can you make phone repairs more competitive? China Phonefix Team will offer 9 important tips for your mobile phone repairs in this article.

9 Important Tips for Your Mobile Phone Repair

1. When repairing mobile phones, we should follow the some repair operation rules. First connect the test instrument correctly, open the test instrument and set it correctly, also preliminarily determine what type of fault the phone belongs to and the possible fault range.

2. You must carefully check and understand the failure of the mobile phones before repairing. This step is the premise of precise and efficient repair.

3. There are integrated chips of different manufacturers and different models on the phone circuit board, as well as some new components. And some weak current signals are transmitted on the chip and important components. Do not perform repair operations under strong magnetic fields and high voltages, as high current shocks may damage these components.

4. Since mobile phone is microelectronic product and its internal integrated circuit structure is very precise, this requires you to know the performance of each chip and component in the mobile phone circuit board well before repairing it, and you also need to know the logical connection between the chips in the mobile phone circuit printed board. So you can operate it accurately to avoid misjudgment, human failure and economic loss.

5. When installing or disassembling mobile phone, it must be operated in a certain order, and the chip components that are picked and placed should also be arranged in a certain order to avoid confusion or loss of any chips or components. So it is necessary to ensure that the work platform is organized, and the phone repair tools are easy to reach.

6.Pay attention to keep the mobile phone circuit board clean so as not to affect the maintenance operation. During the maintenance process, it is also necessary to prevent all solder, tin beads, wires, and conductive objects from falling into the circuit board to avoid other failures.

9 Important Tips for Your Mobile Phone Repair

7. When repairing some mobile phones that need to replace components, be sure to use qualified and normal chips and components of the same version, and avoid replacing chips of different versions. Because different manufacturers, different models, and different styles have different version numbers.

8. In order to ensure that the communication quality of the repaired mobile phone does not decline, it is best not to use those chips and components with substandard technical indicators, low quality, pirated, smuggled chips and components during the maintenance process, so as to avoid more complicated failures.

9. Since the signal transmitted by the mobile phone is a little weak, the static electricity attached to the mobile phone user or the operating tool is enough to burn some components. In order to reduce this loss, we must repair the mobile phone on the anti-static phone repair platform. Also, ensure that the electrical shielding between the test instrument, maintenance personnel, and bench is well grounded.

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