Are You Ready for Apple’s Self Repair Service in 2022?

On November 18th, 2021, Apple company announced that it would launch a self-service repair program, which triggered heated discussions on the Internet. For consumers who are environmentally conscious and like DIY phone repairs, this is a big surprise. The self-repair plan said it will start selling phone parts, repair tools and repair manuals in early 2022, allowing users to repair iPhone and other Apple devices on their own.

Are You Ready for Apple’s Self Repair Service in 2022?

According to Apple's official website, the initial stage of the plan will focus on the parts that require maintenance services most often, such as iPhone battery, display and camera, and self-repair of other parts will be opened later next year.

After the repair is completed, if the customer chooses to return the replaced parts to Apple for recycling, they will receive points for the purchase of new parts and can enjoy discounts when buying Apple products in the future. Customers can order original Apple parts and repair tools at the Apple Self-Repair Online Store. 

In the past, it was most convenient to go to an Apple retail store to repair an iPhone. But it's not cost-effective. Another option is to send the faulty iPhone to a third-party repair shop for repair, and the price may be lower. Most iPhone users will choose to buy new models when their phones are nearly damaged, and this feature of self-repair is only available to a small number of users.

Are You Ready for Apple’s Self Repair Service in 2022?

Would you buy iPhone parts and replace them yourself if this plan is implemented?

Users will have more options for repairing faulty iPhones in their hands, which can reduce user expenditures. However, the self-service repair plan is suitable for technicians who have knowledge and experience in repairing electronic equipment. 

Therefore, for the vast majority of customers, the safest and most reliable way to obtain repair services is still to go to a professional repair service and deliver your phone to a certified technician who uses Apple original parts for repair.

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