Best Way to Unlock iPad iCloud With Serial Number Free
Many users forget their iCloud login information and feel they have permanently locked themselves out, but using our iCloud unlocking service iRepair P10 DFU BOX and its software can restore their use of the device.

Best Way to Unlock iPad iCloud With Serial Number Free

Besides, the tool can also be used for WIFI replacement, motherboard replacement, and Expanding iPad/iPhone Nand flash storage. To use this tool, the first thing is to download it and you can do it at no cost by connecting to a virtual private server vps.

The other thing would be to have a computer of any operating system, the program has different versions in Windows, MacOS and Ubuntu.

At present, the ID unlocking of the iPad is done by hard unlocking the device. After unlocking the device, the information of the hard disk has changed, including the country and serial number, which will change, but this will not affect the use.

How to bypass the iPad iCloud by writing a new SN/BT/WIFI?

Here we can use nand programmer to write the right data (SN/BT/WIFI) address to unlock the iPad iCloud, and it's easy to do that, we can program the ipad nand flash by nand programmer without disassembling, such as irepair p10, JC B-BOX Pro, ibox mini, DCSD cable, ect.

1. Connect your iPad to iRepair P10 Box via Apple lightning cable.

2. Let the iPad enter DFU purple mode

3. Now write the new iPad SN data(SN/BT/WIFI) , and then save the data.

Best Way to Unlock iPad iCloud With Serial Number Free

4. Use iTunes or 3U tools to restore the iPad.

5. Activate the iPAD.


1. Most of the iPad 9.7(A1822,A1823..), iPad mini 4 can't be activated.

2. After activation, please don't reset/restore/update the iPad.

3. If the iPad is cellular/wifi version, please remove the cellular from the iPad first, and then use the right SN to activate the iPad.

How to program the iPhone Nand flash without disassembling? (Take iPhone 8P as an example)

1. The iPhone 8P plugged into the iRepair P10 Engineering cable. iRepair box is connected to the USB port of the computer via iPhone Lightning Cable

Best Way to Unlock iPad iCloud With Serial Number Free

3. Open the iRepair P10 software as an administrator and click "Agree"

4. First press the volume of the device to increase the key, then press the volume up button, and then hold down the shut down button, do not release.

Best Way to Unlock iPad iCloud With Serial Number Free

5. When the device shuts down, press and hold down the Key for 5 seconds. After 5 seconds, release the Power Down key and hold-down the iPhone Volume button until the platform prompts to enter the DFU successfully.

6. Now we can program the nand data(SN/BT/WIFI).

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