Bypassing MacBook ID Activation Lock with T203
Once the MacBook has been restored, ID activation lock will appear on the system activation interface. If you forget your ID account and password, you will not be able to activate the system. BY-T203 Data Assistant can solve this problem perfectly.

Bypassing MacBook ID Activation Lock with T203

The T203 device includes two tools, T203 U disk, and T203 ROM holder.

Bypassing MacBook ID Activation Lock with T203

T203 U Disk

The activation lock unlocking software is written into the T203 U disk, and it supports MacBook with USB interface and Type-C interface. It is mainly responsible for reading the serial number and machine code of the machine and unlocking the activation lock by analyzing the code.

T203 ROM Holder

T203 ROM socket is written with T2 ROM data of special equipment and T2 ROM read-write socket.

The way to MacBook ID activation lock with T203

1. Remove the T2 ROM chip

Turn the MacBook off, and detach the motherboard. Fix the Computer Motherboard on the A1989 Mac Board Repair Fixture.

Bypassing MacBook ID Activation Lock with T203
Find the T2 ROM chip. Remove the T2 ROM chip with YIHUA 8858 Soldering Rework.

Bypassing MacBook ID Activation Lock with T203
2. Writing Unlock Data

Connect T203 to computer, open “Programmer Software” folder, Begin writing unlock data.

Bypassing MacBook ID Activation Lock with T203
Unplug T203 and install the chip on the motherboard with tweezers. Solder it back on the motherboard with Hot Air Gun.

3. Enter in DFU Mode

Enter the MacBook is in DFU mode after the data have been written. Connect the MacBook to another MacBook with an data cable.

Bypassing MacBook ID Activation Lock with T203
Open Apple Configurator. Restore your computer. The lock symbol on the screen indicates that recovery is complete. Long press the start button with one hand. Press the touch panel with your other hand.

Release the power button and then press the power button again. Press Control-Option-Shift-Power button to get the MacBook into DFU mode.

4. Restore the Computer

Plug in the T203 USB to read the MacBook data. The MacBook data is successfully read if the Touch Bar has shown some images.

Bypassing MacBook ID Activation Lock with T203
Bypassing has succeeded, and then click “Cancel”. The device is successfully activated.

5. Reinstall your Computer

Unplug the data cable. Press the power button. The MacBook shows no system. Turn the MacBook off. Press Command-R and enter the system installation interface. Start reinstalling.

Connect the MacBook with power. The ID of the MacBook is successfully removed. The activation has succeeded.

T203 Device Support Models:

1. Applicable to all MacBooks with T2 chips from 2018 to 2020

2. MacBook Pro 13.3/15.4/16 inches: A1989 A1990 A2159 A2141 A2289 A2251

3. MacBook Air 13.3 inches: A1932 A2179

4. Motherboard number corresponding to the machine:A2251 820-01949,A2289 820-01987, A2141 820-01700, A2159 820-01598, A1990 820-01041, A1989 820-00850,A1932 820-01521,A2179 820-01958.


Mainly responsible for reading and writing T2 ROM data and saving T2 ROM unlock files. (The unlocking data inside the T203 ROM can only be used on the T203 machine.

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