Cell Phone Repair Industry Trends Outlook in 2023

The cell phone repair industry is a rapidly growing sector and there is no doubt that this industry will only continue to expand even further. With this trend in mind, it’s essential to look ahead at the future of the cell phone repair industry. This article will take an in-depth look at these 2023 cell phone repair industry trends.

In the last year, we’ve seen an accelerated growth in mobile repair services, with more people relying on the convenience and repair that these services offer. In 2022, the used phones segment held the largest market share of 54.4% in the global refurbished and used mobile phones market.

 Phonefix helps customers with a wide variety of repairs tools and replacements. The team of dedicated technicians offer tools for  customers with quick fixes and major repairs, all over the nation. Here are some industry trends that we have identified that should be noted in 2023.

What is the main activity in the smartphone repair market?

 “Screen Repair and Replacement is the major activity conducted in the Smartphone Repair market.”

Based on activity type, the global Smartphone Repair market is bifurcated into Screen Repair and Replacement, Battery Repair and Replacement, Button and Jack Repair and Replacement, Camera and sensor repair and replacement and Others (Software related).
Cell Phone Repair Industry Trends Outlook in 2023
Currently, Screen Repair and Replacement segment dominates the market, with more than 61% share in 2020. The Square Trade survey, stated that as many as 66% of consumers damaged their devices over the past year, including cracks, scratches, and damaged batteries.

How many iPhone users need to repair the cracked screen of their phone at least once while using the device?

About 1 in 4 iPhone users need to repair the cracked screen of their phone at least once while using the device. About 50% of US consumers own at least one product of the Apple brand. 

The industry not only repairs phones but also sells defensive products like different phone accessories, screen protectors
, and other related products that prevent damage to the phone in case of dropping from hand or other reasons. Around 60% of cell phone repair shops do this job. (Experimac)

What is the most repaired device in this industry?

The most repaired device in this industry is the iPhone and iPad. Used Apple products have more value than any other brand company.

Because one can sell repaired Apple products for 6 times the price of other brands. One can get about 50% of their original value in the first re-sold transaction. (Experimac)

How to Make More Profit in Mobile Repairing Business in 2022?

Who dominates the smartphone repair market?

“Company operated Service center dominates the smartphone repair market in terms of value.”

Based on the business type, the global Smartphone Repair market is segmented into Brick-and-mortar stores and Company operated Service center.

Company operated Service center charge almost double the charge for repairing smartphone, compared to what is charged by Brick-and-mortar stores. In terms of volume Brick-and-mortar stores perform more smartphone repair related activity.

China and India lead the smartphone adoption globally, owing to high population growth paired with rising disposable income and emergence of low-cost Chinese smartphone brands.

What is the most common repair industry in the US in 2023?

“Currently Hardware component segment dominates the Smartphone repair market with more than 90% share in 2020.”

Based on component, the Smartphone Repair Market is bifurcated into Software and Hardware. Currently, hardware segment dominates the market, and is expected to remain dominant during the analyzed period.

As per Urgagdgetdotors, 30% of Americans have cracked their phone screen in 2019. Cracked screen is the most common repair work in this industry. Approximately 50 million cracked and smashed phones are repaired every year in the US.

Where are cell phone repair shops located in US?

About $4 billion in revenues is generated by the cell phone repair industry in the United States each year. Since 2012, the industry has been growing at an annual average rate of 5.5%.

Over 8,000 businesses are currently active in the industry, providing employment opportunities for about 23,000 people.

The highest levels of industry activity happen in the southeast U.S., where 31% of current businesses currently operate.

In comparison, just 14% of cell phone repair shops are located in the western United States, though California is responsible for 10% of all industry establishments on its own.

What is the biggest opportunity for growth in the Cell Phone Repair industry in the US?

Growing demand for mobile internet access drives demand for cell phone repairs, because internet-enabled smartphones are more expensive than basic-feature phones and are, therefore, more likely to be repaired instead of replaced.

Smartphones also have fragile iPhone touchscreens and other breakable parts that facilitate more repair services.

How much does it cost to become a cell phone repairman?

A simple class or basic certification is often the only thing that is required to enter the cell phone repair industry. Most courses are 3-5 days in length and cost $1,500 or less. (Flipsy)

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Cell Phone Repair Industry Trends Outlook in 2023

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