Choose Double Boom Stand Trinocular Microscope for iPhone Welding

Recently, one of my friends told me he wants to buy a microscope that would make it easy to weld tiny parts such as the iPhone motherboard. I found its price is between $200-$1000 after searching online. Apparently, it is not easy to choose a right microscope. Finally, I choose the most popular 3.5X-90X Double Boom Stand Trinocular Microscope of 2021 for him.

Choose Double Boom Stand Trinocular Microscope for iPhone

In general, between the Binocular and Trinocular Stereo Microscope, Trinocular mode microscope was adopted frequently in tabs and for Mobile Phone Repair Working. 

Why choose the Double Boom Stand Trinocular Microscope?

Firstly, check the accessories of 3.5X-90X Black Double Boom Stand Trinocular Stereo Microscope in detail:

Choose Double Boom Stand Trinocular Microscope for iPhone

SZMC TV1/2 or 0.5x adapter (option)

38MP HDMI Camera or VGA camera (option)

There are four modes for choosing: 38MP CTV 0.5X, 38MP 0.5X C Adapter, VGA CTV 0.5X, VGA 0.5X Adapter

With the trinocular port design, its magnification reaches 3.5X-90X, which can meet most welding and specimen observation requirements. So you can use it in mobile phone repair, medical equipment repair, school biological lab, etc.

Choose Double Boom Stand Trinocular Microscope for iPhone

The Double Boom Stand Stereo Microscope supports to install C-Mount HDMI Video Camera, and the microscope features a unique simul-focal optical system, enabling well-focused clear images on your video screen.

Choose Double Boom Stand Trinocular Microscope for iPhone

The microscope obtains sharp, focused images with the help of the 30mm super wide-field high-eye point eyepieces and 0.7-4.5X Objective, 0.5X or 2.0X Barlow Lens  as well.

Choose Double Boom Stand Trinocular Microscope for iPhone

Tips for Installation

1. Retrieve a microscope from the cabinet. Carry the microscope with both hands, one holding the arm and the other under the base of the instrument. If the microscope is too heavy for you to carry safely, ask for assistance.

2. Check the diopter adjusting ring and turn the number 0 lines up with the white line below the rotating part of the lens.

3. Adjust the light to the medium or medium high range. Adjust the light later to improve the image, and the brightest light doesn't necessarily result in the best image.

Using Trinocular Microscope

1. Use the knobs on the lower right side of the stage to center the specimen over the condenser lens. Start with the low power objective lens(4X) and the stage in its highest position. Then focus on the specimen, which should already be nearly in focus.

2. Once you have found the specimen on low power, be sure it is centered in the field of view. Then move to the next highest Objective Lens (10X) and refocus.

3. Your specimen should be nearly in focus, and you should only need to use the smaller, fine-focus knobs. Again, center the specimen and you are ready to move to the highest power lens(40x).


1. If when you move to a higher power lens, the specimen becomes blurry as though it were coated with Vaseline and you cannot focus, you may need to clean the lens.

2. Soak a piece of lens paper (and only lens paper) with lens cleaner and wipe the lens. Then wipe dry with clean lens paper. Repeat a couple of times. If this doesn't solve the problem, check with your instructor.

Choose Double Boom Stand Trinocular Microscope for iPhone


1. When you have finished using the microscope, remove the slide, and rotate the lowest power lens in place. Move the stage to a centered position and slide holder to the left.

2. Check that the stage is clean and dry. Turn off the light and power and wrap the cord. Carry the microscope with both hands back to the cabinet. Be sure that the arm is facing out and that the microscopes are not crowded together.

Other options:

7-45X Double-Arm Trinocular Stereo Microscope with Video Camera(white color)

Choose Double Boom Stand Trinocular Microscope for iPhone

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