Choose iPhone Repairing Tools in China Phonefix Shop

We are at a point where fixing mobile phones is something profitable that we can even do as mobile phone technology enthusiasts. However, we must have basic knowledge and also the necessary tools to fix mobile phones to be able to provide a quality service. Today we are going to talk about the some Phone fix tools to repair mobile phones.

Essential Tools For Mobile Phone Repair

Screwdriver Set

We know that this is one of the most basic mobile phone repair tools, but we must not forget that it is one of the most indispensable.

Mechanic iShell Screwdriver Set can be used for Fix Apple iPhone,Cell Phone, Smart Watch, Computer, PC, Tablet, iPad, Camera. It suitable for iphone Opening, Replace Screen, Battery repair tools.

Choose iPhone Repairing Tools in China Phonefix Shop
Heat Or Soldering Station

Choose iPhone Repairing Tools in China Phonefix Shop
As the world’s first 200W Full Intelligent soldering station, AIXUN T3A Soldering Station adopts a 200W super power supply, only takes 4 seconds for the C245 soldering iron to rise to 380 ℃.

Ultra-strong anti-static isolation design meets the industrial ESD standard.The host has a built-in environment temperature sensor to avoid high-temperature operation.

It will serve us to make soldering, the important thing of it is that it graduates the temperature in order not to damage some card of the cellular one.

Soldering Iron

Choose iPhone Repairing Tools in China Phonefix Shop
Electric Soldering Iron is great for electronics, computer equipment, watch repair and many other hobby and craft projects. Fast heating and high quality soldering iron with AC cord is perfect for your soldering needs.

The soldering iron will serve us in case of not having the heating station, to solder those components of our card that are loose, even to change the charging pin, microphones, among some other things that we can solder with our soldering iron.

Various Tweezers, Rubber, Lighting

These tools to repair mobile phones are basic to complement those mentioned above. Stainless Steel Anti-Static Tweezers can grasp small objects on the card and thus achieve optimize the work. It is also very important to have good lighting.

Choose iPhone Repairing Tools in China Phonefix Shop
Advanced Tools To Repair A Mobile Phone

There are other advanced tools to repair mobile phones, which allow us to perform tasks a little more complex and more precision. In this section we can find the following ones:

Power Supply

The series of switching DC Power Supply is designed for measuring instrument have ruled out the inconvenience of big volume and heavyweight of a traditional power supply possess.

Choose iPhone Repairing Tools in China Phonefix Shop
The output voltage and current can be controlled and adjusted by variable resistors respectively, so it provides more convenience and accuracy in the adjustment of voltage and current.

Digital Multimeter

Choose iPhone Repairing Tools in China Phonefix Shop
With this MECHANIC iTouch Multimeter, we are going to be able to reset the batteries of the mobiles and to detect if it has some failure or culminated in its useful life.


Choose iPhone Repairing Tools in China Phonefix Shop
JC V1S connects to mobile phone for reading directly from the screen code, battery code, fingerprint serial number etc., one key to repair. JC V1S with New Dot projector board for repairing iPhone x-12 pro max Face ID move higher or lower problem.

Other Specific Tools

There are some other tools that could be considered more sophisticated for mobile phone repairs, such as Trinocular Stereo Microscope and ionizers. They are tools for very specific tasks, but having them would be of great help when repairing a mobile phone.

Choose iPhone Repairing Tools in China Phonefix Shop
Basically, these are the most used tools, but I would like to remind you that the basic and most important mobile phone repair tool is knowledge. Without it, everything else will be useless.

In case you don't have it, there are academies that offer basic courses to fix mobile phones, when you are ready, these will be your tools. I hope our information is very useful!

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