Comparison of JC V1S and V1SE Cell Phone Repair Programmer
Are you a mobile phone repair technicians looking for the right repair programming tool? This article compares the JC V1S and JC V1SE Programmer on compatibility, speed, user interface, price in iPhone screen battery and Face ID repair to help mobile phone repair experts choose the right programming tool. 

JC Tools - V1S vs V1SE

The JC V1S and V1SE are both programming tools designed for mobile phone repair. However, there are some differences between the two:


Comparison of JC V1S and V1SE Cell Phone Repair Programmer
The V1SE supports more models of function board than the V1S, making it more versatile.

Both V1S and V1SE is compatible with following function board:
1.V1S 7-11PM Photosesitive/Vibration/True Tone Adaptor(old style)
2.V1S 6-14PM battery Adaptor
3.V1S 5S-8P Fingerprint Adaptor
4.V1S 12-13 Series Vibration R&W Adaptor
5.V1S 8-12PM Receiver FPC Test Adaptor
6.V1S X-14PM Face ID Activation/ Read& Write Adaptor
7.V1S 12-13 Series 2 in 1 True Tone Adaptor

However, only V1SE is com compatible with following function board
8.V1S 12-14 True Tone Repair Adaptor
9.V1S 7-11PM Photosesitive/Vibration/True Tone Adaptor(2023)
10.V1SE XR-12PM Wide Angle Camera Repair Adaptor
11.V1SE 8-13PM receiver FPC Test Adaptor
12.V1SE 12-13PM Rear Camera R&W Adaptor

All previous adapters not mentioned can be used with V1S/V1SE. It's important to note that any new adapters released in the future will not be compatible with the V1S model.

Both the V1S and V1SE are compatible with several function boards, including photosensitive/vibration/true tone adaptors, fingerprint adaptors, and receiver FPC test adaptors. However, the V1SE supports more models than the V1S, making it more versatile.

The V1SE is the only one that is compatible with some unique adaptors like iPhone XR-12PM Wide Angle Camera Repair Adaptor and iPhone 12-13 PM Rear Camera R&W Adaptor.


When it comes to speed, the V1SE has the advantage. It has a higher transmission rate and can complete programming tasks more quickly than the V1S.

User Interface

The V1SE has an advantage in terms of user interface design, with a clearer and more user-friendly layout that makes it easier to use for beginners.


As expected, the V1SE is generally more expensive than the V1S due to its additional features and faster speed.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Both the V1S and V1SE can be used for iPhone screen and battery repairs. However, the V1SE has an advantage when it comes to new model repairs.

The V1SE has a specific adapter designed for new iPhone 8-13PM receiver FPC Test Adaptor, iPhone 12-13PM Rear Camera R&W Adaptor,.etc, making it easier to complete these types of repairs.Comparison of JC V1S and V1SE Cell Phone Repair Programmer


In conclusion, both the JC V1S and V1SE Repair Programmers are excellent options for iPhone Screen Battery Face ID Repair.

However, the V1SE offers more advanced compatibility with function boards, making it a better choice for repair technicians who need access to the latest adapters.

If you want to learn more about JC V1S or JC V1SE Programmer, please check here for more information and products.

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