DIY Repair Guide for Phone Wi-Fi Connection Failure
Today, mobile phone has been a necessary communication tool in our daily life, besides it also has various entertainment functions. However, it is inevitable that we will encounter some problems in the process of operation and use. If you are having trouble with how to solve the problem if the phone can't connect to Wi-Fi, you can refer to some tips mentioned in this article. Hope that some methods summarized by China Phonefix Team can be helpful to you.

DIY Repair Guide for Phone Wi-Fi Connection Failure

1. Reset your phone

Open the phone settings, select "Wi-Fi" to see if the Wi-Fi signal is currently connected, click the small blue circle arrow on the far right.

Click "Ignore this network". Then, the Wi-Fi connection of the mobile phone will be disconnected. In this way, when you click to connect to the signal source again, the mobile phone will not automatically connect, but re-enter the Wi-Fi password of the connection, the mobile phone will recognize the network again. In this way, the effect of clearing the original network configuration can be achieved.

If you want to clear it more thoroughly, you can turn on Settings - General -Restore in turn, and select "Restore Network Settings". In this way, the device will restart. After restarting, all the previously connected networks will not be saved, but will be recognized as a new network, and you need to enter the Wi-Fi password to connect.

2. Reset router

Restart the router, disconnect the router from the power supply, and then turn it back on after an interval of 10 seconds. Wait for the router to start up and connect to the operator's network (about 1 to 2 minutes).

Check the router settings, check the router manual, enter the router settings interface to see if there is a restricted connection. If it is restricted, you will not be able to connect to Wi-Fi.

DIY Repair Guide for Phone Wi-Fi Connection Failure

3. Upgrade system version

Finally, if none of the above issues cause your Wi-Fi connection problems, then it may be time to update your operating system. Many operators will push updates to your phone to fix various errors and issues, including issues that affect the connection. The new version of the system improves compatibility and stability, and optimizes performance.

Enter the settings-system upgrade, and you can view the system version information. If it is not the latest version, it is recommended to upgrade the experience.

If the above solutions still didn't help your issue, there might be phone Wi-Fi IC module or other inner component damage. More professional phone repair guide please reach us on
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