Face ID Not Working on iPhone? How To Fix
Is there a problem with your iPhone’s Face ID? Does Face ID not work at all, fail after working intermittently or for a short time? Can't use Face ID on iPhone anymore? Now we know how to fix the iPhone Face ID failure, but we have some other issues, and some people have feedback that after replacing the dot matrix flex cable or IC, the iPhone face ID keeps saying that move iPhone lower or higher. How to avoid this problem? Here are some tips.

As we know, in order to fix the iPhone Face ID problem in hardware, now there are two common methods, they are replacing the iPhone dot matrix flex cable or changing the IC on the dot matrix flex cable. Generally, we will choose to change the dot matrix flex cable because it is easier than changing the IC. Either way, we need to pay attention to the following issues during the repair process.

1. Positioning problem

What's the positioning problem? When we replace the Dot Matrix Flex Cable, we need to disassemble the iPhone dot projector from the iPhone, and remove the original dot matrix flex cable, and then install the new dot matrix flex cable. During this process, the dot matrix flex cable position is very important, which must be installed to the location where the original flex cable is located.

When soldering new accessories, please make sure that the soldering position is the same as that of the original accessories fittings. Otherwise,the Face ID will report higher or lower problems, or Face ID can not unlock, or unlock insensitive, and we need to re-move higher or lower.

2. Tools problem

After we know how to fix and what to do, the next problem is what tools we should use. In order to fix the iPhone Face ID issue, more and more phone repair tools have been invented. There are several important tools we have to fix the iPhone Face ID.

- iPhone Dot Projector Programmer, so we can test the iPhone dot projector, read and write the iPhone dot matrix flex cable or IC. Here we recommend the JC lattice module(used with JC pro1000s), JC V1S dot projector board(used with JC V1S), and i2C V8 Programmer(working alone).

- iPhone dot matrix flex cable, so we can replace the damaged original dot matrix flex cable, and then fix the Face ID. Here we recommend JC dot matrix flex cable(can be used for JC lattice module and JC V1S dot projector board),i2C V8 dot matrix flex cable (used for I2C V8 programmer)

- iPhone Dot Projector Fixture, so we can fix the iPhone dot matrix cable and do soldering work. Here we recommend MJ M.Face fixture, MaAnt MR-01 fixture, SS T12A FACE ID module.

Face ID Not Working on iPhone? How To Fix
3. Skills problem

Skills are also essential in order to successfully repair iPhone Face ID, if you're not skilled at it, you can practice more. You also can find videos or methods on the internet, such as Youtube, Google, Facebook, forum, etc., and even attend training courses.

If the tips in this article help you solve the Face ID problem on iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max or iPhone XR, please leave a comment and let us know.

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