How to fix iPad won’t turn on problem?

Several users have reported an issue in which iPad won't turn on problem. More specifically, iPad does not turn on, appears frozen and has a black screen. No matter what you try to do from, it still doesn't working properly or not responding. Well, you can try the following ways to bring your iPad back from the dead.

1. Reinstall the system

If you can't turn on the iPad tablet after charging for a while, there may be problems with the iPad's system, so that during the boot process, the iPad will appear white screen or stuck in the white logo. The solution to this problem That is, we need to reinstall the system on the iPad.

2. Activate your iPad

The new iPad will also have problems that cannot be turned on. The solution is to connect the computer to the iPad and then use the iTunes software to activate it.

3. Clean the iPad charging interface

Before charge your iPad. Make sure that the filling port is free of any dirt and residue. If there is something dirty, pick up a Stainless Steel tweezers and clip the fluff or particles from the interface. Please operate very gently so that it does not damage any components in the iPad's charging interface. To clean it, use a dust cleaner ball. This helps to remove any dirt entering the charging interface.

4. Check iPad lightning cable

If your iPad crashes and can't be turned on, there may be a problem with your iPad Lightning cable. Lightning cables are prone to wear, so double check the cable for any abnormalities. Or try the new iPad lightning cable and see if your iPad will open.

How to fix iPad won’t turn on problem?

5. Reset iPad

Your iPod may only need a soft reset. This is the most common reason why the iPad can't be turned on. Just hold down the power button and the home button. If this works, you will see the Apple logo on the screen. Make sure your device has the latest IOS updates!

6. Check for physical or liquid damage

To check if your iPad is experiencing water or damage, just have a good visual inspection of the outside of the iPad, check the list below, and check them during the check:

- Is there a crack on the screen?

- Is the charging port clean?

- Is there any liquid viscous between the screen layers of the iPad?

- Are all the iPad buttons working properly?

I hope these fixing ways will help you bring your iPad back to life. If your iPad is still not working, it’s a sign that something is wrong inside the tablet, take it to a repair shop nearby or visit the Apple Store. Any good ideas, please contact up at

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