How To Fix iPhone 6 Plus Black Screen and restart Randomly?
Once in a while, some iPhone user asks “why my iPhone 6 Plus screen suddenly turns black during the normal use, and then it automatically restarting?” So, what would you do if this happens to you. It is a common issue but a big problem as you might not be able to use your iPhone in this scenario. How can we fix it? Here is a repair guide. 

Before we are going to fix it, we need to know more details for this trouble. Power on iPhone 6 Plus, it can enter the IOS system smoothly, and each functions tested are normal. However, after using it for a while, the iPhone 6 Plus screen turns black, and then it restarts automatically. After using this iPhone 6 Plus for a day, we found this trouble happens a lot, we need to fix it.

Is it the iPhone setting problem? We had encountered this bug before, and we fix it by resetting iPhone. Resetting the iPhone can reset the settings on iPhone, but it won't delete any data on iPhone. We try to fix it by reset All Setting on iPhone 6 Plus. Go to Settings-> General-> Reset-> Reset All Settings. After resetting, we test the iPhone 6 Plus again, but unfortunately, the problem still exists.

Is it the iPhone software problem? As we know, most of the iPhone software problem can be fixed by restoring. Restoring the iPhone can erase all data and settings on iPhone, so it can deepest solve the iPhone software problem, and let the iPhone back to normal work. Connect iPhone to the computer via iPhone lightning cable, and then run the iTunes (latest version), choose the iPhone 6 Plus from the top left menu, and then click restore. After restoring, power on iPhone and test it, the problem still there.

For this iPhone 6P problem,is it not caused by a software failure? We need to check iPhone hardware aspect.

Based on our experience, the iPhone auto restart problem could be caused by no battery, no data and virtual-welded iPhone NAND memory chip.

How To Fix iPhone 6 Plus Black Screen and restart Randomly?

Disassemble the iPhone 6 Plus, take out the iPhone motherboard and observe it, there is drop-damaged or water-damaged traces, but we found the iPhone Nand flash has traces of repairs, we suspected this iPhone 6 Plus memory has been upgraded.

Connect iPhone 6P to the computer; the iPhone battery data tested is normal.

Attach the iPhone motherboard to the PCB holder fixture, use QIICK Lead Free Rework Station to heat the iPhone Nand flash, and then use tweezers to remove it. After re-installing the Nand flash, test the iPhone again, but the problem still exists, and there is a small white line on the iPhone when the iPhone LCD screen turns to black.

The iPhone battery data and iPhone Nand flash are normal, so now we suspected the iPhone CPU is virtual welded.

Attach the iPhone motherboard to the PCB holder fixture again, put it under the Trinocular Stereo Zoom Industrial Microscope, apply some heat resistance tape to the components that around to the iPhone CPU, and then use QUICK 861DW hot air rework station to remove the iPhone CPU. After removing, apply some solder paste, and then re-install the iPhone CPU.

How To Fix iPhone 6 Plus Black Screen and restart Randomly?

Assemble the iPhone, and test the iPhone 6 Plus, after testing for a day, each functions works properly, the problem with the black screen and the automatic restart didn't happen again.

Therefore, you can use any of the methods mentioned above to fix your iPhone black screen issue. If you have a more effective method to repair the iPhone black screen, please leave a message to tell us. Thanks for reading.

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