How to Fix iPhone 6S Fingerprint Not Working?

Using fingerprint to unlock a phone is a great advance in technology development. Many users are now used to unlocking a Phone with the fingerprint. Using fingerprint to unlock your iPhone is faster and effective. However, some people complained that the iPhone 6S fingerprint not working sometimes, when they tried to add a new fingerprint on the iPhone 6S, they failed. "Add fingerprint" did not respond. The iPhone 6S fingerprint function did not work, which troubles them a lot. The fingerprint not working problem is really annoying, so here we are going to tell how to fix iPhone 6S fingerprint not working.

Disassemble the iPhone 6S. Use phonefix screwdrivers to remove the screws next to the iPhone lightning cable, and then put iPhone on the CPB screen separator, after a while, we can open the iPhone display assembly smoothly. Use screwdrivers to disconnect those flex cable connector, and then take out the iPhone display assembly.

How to Fix iPhone 6S Fingerprint Not Working?

Put iPhone display assembly on the WL Aluminum Alloy Pad, remove the iPhone home button to check iPhone home button flex cable that on the bottom of the iPhone home button. Gently shaking the flex cable, we found no apparent tear in the situation. We suspected this iPhone 6S is damaged by water.

Remove the shield that covered the iPhone home button, it's clear. Put it under the Stereo Zoom Microscope to observe the flex cable and fingerprint recognition chip,the flex cable and the chip are good.

How to Fix iPhone 6S Fingerprint Not Working?

Observe it more carefully, we found the four capacitors on the flex cable are slightly blackened; first we thought it's the dust, but after cleared up, the capacitors are still black.

Open the ZXW online account to check iPhone 6S schematic diagram, we know that these capacitors are fingerprint power supply 1.8V and 3.0V. Now we can confirm the problem, the damaged capacitors pulls down the normal voltage, resulting in abnormal fingerprint power supply and the recognition chip doesn't work.

How to Fix iPhone 6S Fingerprint Not Working?

Use QUICK 861DW hot air rework station to remove the damaged capacitors, and then install the good capacitors.

Assemble the iPhone 6S, power on iPhone, go to the Settings to test the iPhone fingerprint function, now it can work perfectly, we can add new fingerprint on this iPhone 6S, and the fingerprint button can open smoothly.

Hope you like this article we shared above about how to fix iPhone 6s fingerprint failure. I hope it can help. If you want learn more details or usages of the repair tool, pls connect us.

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