How to Fix iPhone 6S Plus Cannot be Activated
A user activates their newly purchased iPhone 6S Plus, a message pops up "The iPhone cannot be activated because the activation server is temporarily unavailable." After pressing the power button, it can be turned on normally, but the iPhone 6S Plus cannot be successfully activated. It is stuck on the activation interface and cannot enter the iOS system. We will provide some troubleshooting ideas.

As we know, for the iPhone activation problem, first we need to check SIM card and Apple ID problem.

- Check SIM card

Make sure the SIM card is working perfectly; you can remove the SIM card from the iPhone, and then install it again. After checking, we know the SIM card in this iPhone 6S Plus is normal, which means it's not the SIM card problem.

- Check Apple ID

When you want to activate the iPhone, if it asks you to sign in with an Apple ID, then please sign in your Apple ID, the Apple ID is signed in successfully, but this iPhone 6SP still won't activate, then we need to check other problem.

Next, resort the iPhone 6S Plus, after restarting, try to activate the iPhone again, it's still failed. Now, connect iPhone to the computer via iPhone Lightning Cable, and then use iTunes to activate it, but it's also failed.

How to Fix iPhone 6S Plus Cannot be Activated
Generally, for activating for the system of IOS 11 and later, the Serial Number, Bluetooth and WIFI must match, so the iPhone can be activated. The other one is whether NFC is normal. For the IOS 12 system, if the NFC has some problems, it doesn't report unknown error 56 for iTunes, but can't be activated.

After restoring the iPhone 6S Plus, the iPhone still can't be activated; now we can exclude the software problems, so we need to check NFC and SN/BT/WIFI match or not problems.

Use phone opening tools to disassemble the iPhone 6S Plus, remove the iPhone display assembly, disconnect the iPhone battery, and then take out the iPhone motherboard, and observe it under the microscope, we can see that the iPhone Nand flash was repaired before, and there are some tin balls around the NFC.

Attach the iPhone motherboard to the PCB holder fixture, use Quick 861DW hot air rework station and tweezers to remove the NFC.

After removing the NFC IC, measure the grounding resistance value for the solder pad, the value measured is normal.

Apply some Soldering Tin Cream to the solder pad, and then install the NFC IC back to the motherboard.

How to Fix iPhone 6S Plus Cannot be Activated
Install the iPhone 6S Plus, restore it with iTunes, turn it on, and then activate it, the iPhone 6S Plus is activated smoothly and it enters IOS system successfully. The problem has been fixed!

Hope the above methods will help you. If you have other questions about iPhone phones, please leave a comment under the comment.

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