How to Fix iPhone 6S Plus Rear Camera Doesn’t Work Issue

Some iPhone users complained that their iPhone 6S Plus rear camera is not working properly. Open the camera application on the iPhone 6SP, the iPhone rear camera does not work. After troubleshooting the iPhone software, the rear camera still does not work properly. We guess this is a hardware problem. We need to disassemble the iPhone 6S Plus for inspection and repair.

Step 1 :

Disassemble the iPhone 6S Plus. Use Phonefix Screwdriver and other screen opening tools to open the iPhone 6SP screen, remove the iPhone display assembly, disconnect the iPhone battery, and then take off the iPhone 6SP motherboard.

How to Fix iPhone 6S Plus Rear Camera Doesn’t Work Issue
Step 2 :

Test the iPhone motherboard. In order to confirm whether it's a motherboard problem or external configuration problem, we installed the iPhone 6SP motherboard on the working external configuration, and test it, we found that the iPhone rear camera still couldn't take photos and didn't have a flash, so we confirmed that this was a problem with the iPhone motherboard.

Step 3 :

Measure the iPhone motherboard. Connect the iPhone motherboard to a MCH-K305D DC power supply, the current jumps from 183mA, which is abnormal.

Step 4 :

Measure the iPhone Rear Camera. Take off the iPhone motherboard, and then use digital multimeter to measure the iPhone rear camera socket, everything is normal. Then measure the voltage for the iPhone camera socket, there is no 2.85V, which is abnormal.

How to Fix iPhone 6S Plus Rear Camera Doesn’t Work Issue
Step 5 :

Solder a jump wire. After measuring C3235, there is no voltage, we suspected F3202 is open circuited. Scrape the glue outside the inductor with a BGA removal knife, this inductor falls off directly.

Use Jabe UD-1200 soldering station to solder jump wire from C4127 to C3235, install the iPhone 6S Plus, test the iPhone rear camera and flashlight, and they all work now.

Step 6 :

Measure the iPhone 6S Plus by DC power supply, it still jumps from 183mA, so we decided to replace a U2 IC.

After replacement, measure the iPhone 6S Plus again, now the current jumps normally.

Assemble the iPhone 6SP, test the functions on the iPhone, everything goes well.

If you have other issues with your Apple iPhone 6S Plus, please leave a message in the comments. We are always willing to help.

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