How to Fix iPhone 7 Charging Issue caused by damaged USB IC
iPhone 7 is plugged in charging port, but not charging? We use other iPhone chargers, but the iPhone 7 still not charging. After inspection, we found that this problem has nothing to do with the iPhone charger, it may be a problem with the USB charging IC. We need to solve disassembly iPhone 7 to solve this problem.

Disassemble the iPhone 7, remove the iPhone display assembly, disconnect the iPhone battery, and then take it out. First we try to fix it by replacing the iPhone 7 battery. After replacement, the iPhone 7 still won't charge.

Use screwdrivers and LCD suction cup pliers to disassemble the iPhone 7 again, remove the iPhone display assembly. Now we try to fix it by replacing the iPhone tail plug flex cable, however, the iPhone 7 is still not charging.

Based on our repair experience, next we need to check the iPhone USB charging IC. Disassemble the iPhone 7, take out the iPhone 7 motherboard.

Log in to ZXW online account to check iPhone 7 schematic diagram, and then we can find the position of the iPhone USB charge IC.

Put iPhone motherboard on the PCB holder fixture, and then use tweezers to remove the cover shield for the USB IC. Now use QUICK 861DW rework station and tweezers to remove the iPhone USB charge IC, clean the solder pad, and then install a new iPhone USB charge IC to the motherboard.

Assemble the iPhone, and connect it to DC power supply to charge; now the current is normal.

Use iPhone lightning cable to charge the iPhone 7, after a while, the iPhone 7 power percentage increases properly, the iPhone 7 charge problem has been solved!

Hope we can help you with these tips. If you have a better and more effective solution, pls leave a message in the comment below.

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