How to Fix iPhone 7 Fingerprint Doesn’t Working Issue
The iPhone 7 fingerprint recognition function does not work. Some problems or malfunctions occurred during the iPhone 7's use of Touch ID. The failure of the iPhone’s fingerprint function will cause a lot of trouble for iPhone users. They can’t quickly unlock the phone or use fingerprints for payment. Why is this so? How can we fix it? In this article, we will provide some useful solutions to the problem of iPhone fingerprint not working.

1. Clean Home button

Often when using fingerprints to unlock. If the Home button has stains, it will have a great impact on fingerprint recognition. Of course, we can't guarantee that the finger is in a very clean state at all times. If the fingerprint is not recognized or cannot be added. At this time you only need to wipe the home screen home button with an Non-dust Cleaning Cloth. This problem can be solved.

How to Fix iPhone 7 Fingerprint Doesn’t Working Issue
2. Adjust the position

When entering the fingerprint, not only need to place the finger vertically, but also need to adjust the angle properly. You can adjust the angle of your finger at will. After all, when we unlock the phone everyday, we always feel free to put our finger on the home button.

3. Use different fingers

Touch ID can record up to 5 fingers. If the fingerprint of a finger is not obvious and it is not easy to identify, you should enter more than one to increase the recognition rate.

4. Make sure your fingers touch the metal ring

The iPhone Touch ID sensor consists of multiple parts. The metal ring is one of the most important components to increase the recognition rate. Therefore, make sure that the finger touches the metal ring, instead of hanging it in the center of the Home button.

How to Fix iPhone 7 Fingerprint Doesn’t Working Issue
5. Delete and re-enter fingerprints

Sometimes the above method may not work. At this time, you can try to delete the fingerprint document that was originally entered. After deleting the original fingerprint, re-enter the new fingerprint to see if it can solve the problem. The steps are as follows :

-Launch the Settings App.

-Tap Touch ID and Password.

-Enter your password when prompted.

-Click on any fingerprint.

-Click to delete the fingerprint. Repeat this process until all fingerprints are deleted.

-Click to add a fingerprint.

-Follow the prompts on the screen to set up a new fingerprint.

6. Ambient temperature is too low

The Touch ID sensor is identified by the static electricity and heat of the finger. Therefore, if your finger or Home button is stained with water or too moist, it will cause the recognition to fail. Make sure the finger and the phone are dry. In addition, the colder environment can also affect the operation of the sensor.

How to Fix iPhone 7 Fingerprint Doesn’t Working Issue
7. Update your iPhone

If none of the above tips fix your Touch ID issue on your device, you will need to update your iPhone. A software upgrade may resolve this issue. Go to Settings < General < Software Updates.

If you try all the methods don't work. It may be that there is a problem with the iPhone home button. At this time, only a new touch ID home button can solve this problem. It is recommended to go to the local Apple after-sales store.

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