How to Fix iPhone X Touch Screen Not Working
After opening the iPhone X, iPhone X touch screen does not respond. The screen becomes unresponsive or it gets stuck. This issue may due to the software or hardware. The software repair ruled out the problem of the iPhone screen itself, so the iPhone hardware is broken. In the article, we will show how to solve this problem by repairing the hardware of the iPhone 7.

Turn off the iPhone X, use phonefix screwdrivers and LCD opening tools to disassemble the iPhone X, disconnect the iPhone X battery, and then remove the iPhone X display assembly.

How to Fix iPhone X Touch Screen Not Working
First we are going to replace a new iPhone X display assembly. Take a new iPhone X display assembly, and then install it to the iPhone X. Press the iPhone X power button to turn it on, and then touch the iPhone touch screen, now it's responding,the iPhone touch screen is working properly.

Based on the previous test, we confirmed that this was an issue with the iPhone X touch screen. Now we need to check the iPhone original screen.

Observe the iPhone screen under a trinocular stereo microscope, the iPhone touch screen flex cable is good, the touch connector is good, the iPhone touch flex cable and display flex cable also is good, so the problem is on the iPhone touch IC or screen.

How to Fix iPhone X Touch Screen Not Working
Check touch IC first. Use hot air gun to remove the black adhesive around the touch IC, and then use BGA Pry blade to remove the touch IC.

Clean the solder pad, apply some solder paste to the solder pad, and then use SUGON T26 soldering station to install a new touch to it. After soldering, clean it with PCB cleaner.

Now assemble this original screen to the iPhone X, press the power button, the iPhone X turns on normally. Test the iPhone X touch screen, it's working well, the iPhone X touch screen failure has been solved!

I hope I could help you fix your iPhone X touch screen not working issue. If you have any further doubts, you can leave a comment below.

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