How to Fix iPhone X Won’t Turn on with Logic Board Repair
You pressed the iPhone power button, and your phone’s screen didn’t wake up like it usually does? You tried it again and again. Still, your iPhone won’t turn on. The reason can be anything, right from a software glitch to hardware issues. Today, we will introduce to you how to repair the cannot be opened iPhone X by repairing logic board. The steps as follows:

Step 1. Disassemble

Disassembling requires opening the iPhone X, then take out the double layer motherboard. But the first difficulty is how to separate the folded motherboards? This requires strict temperature control. Excessive temperatures can damage surrounding components, but too low temperature can't separate them. With patience and time, we successfully separated the logic board. At this time, we need to test whether the two-layer logic version works well before reassembly, which requires a professional motherboard test fixture--WL C11 ISocket Jig . The purpose of iPhone X logic board test fixture is to test whether the iphone X motherboard have faulty. Using this iPhone X double-layer test fixture, you do not need to disassemble the upper and lower boards repeatedly. WL C11 iSocket fixture will become the best assistant for professional iPhone X motherboard repair. 

How to Fix iPhone X Won’t Turn on with Logic Board Repair
Step 2. Diagnosis

After the logic board is separated, connect the upper layer to the DC power supply. The reading current is abnormal,so we locate the fault to the upper layer. In order to continue our diagnosis, we use a multimeter to measure the power supply voltage of the upper layer, and found that there is no voltage value on C2771 and C2770. With Mechanic V90E multimeter, we can confirm if the inductor L2770 is damaged.

How to Fix iPhone X Won’t Turn on with Logic Board Repair
Step 3. Maintenance & test

We need to remove the inductor L2770 and replace it with a new one. First, connect the upper layer to the PCB bracket, then apply high temperature tape to the components around the L2770 for protection, next re-weld with a hot air gun. After cooling, the current value is measured again by connecting a PPD DC power supply. At the moment, the measured current value on the ammeter is normal, and the fault is cleared. The high quality iPhone X repair tool is very helpful in repairing the damaged iPhone X.

How to Fix iPhone X Won’t Turn on with Logic Board Repair

Step 4. Reassemble

Finally, the most difficult part of the repair - reassemble. Remove the cans from the two layers separately. We shifted the direction five times and finally completed the tin removal process. Then another difficult part - reinstall the lower layer, we actually did it on the second try. In the end, we re-sold two motherboards and reassembled the phone. The problem of iPhone X could not be started was finally solved.

Tips: Repairing a damaged iPhone X requires many phone repair tools. So there are many other tools, such as Stereo Zoom Microscope, tweezers, screwdrivers, solder paste, and more.

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