How to Fix iPhone XR Camera Not Working Issue
iPhone XR rear camera can not be activated? Some iPhone users complained that when using iPhone, they encountered the problem of the camera's black screen not working properly. It is a common problem. I turn on the phone camera but I can't take pictures. We now fix the problem by repairing the logic board. This article contains instructions on how to fix it.

Test the iPhone XR camera. Press the button to take pictures, it doesn't respond, we tried several times, it's still not respond. Switch it to front camera, it reacts slowly, press the button to take pictures, it's also won't take pictures and store pictures.

Disassemble the iPhone XR. Use screwdrivers to remove the screws at the bottom of the iPhone display screen, and the put it on the CPB Screen Heating Pad to heat the screen, after a while, we can open the iPhone display screen, and then remove the iPhone display screen.
How to Fix iPhone XR Camera Not Working Issue
Use digital multimeter to measure the resistance value and voltage of the iPhone camera circuit, they all normal. Next we try to fix it by replacing a new iPhone Nand flash.

Remove the iPhone XR motherboard, attach it to the MJ A22+ PCB fixture, and then use Phonefix 861DW hot air rework station and BGA graver to remove the iPhone XR Nand Flash.

How to Fix iPhone XR Camera Not Working Issue
After removing the iPhone XR Nand flash, then put it to the Nand test fixture, connect the device, write down the underlying data to the new iPhone Nand flash, and then unbind the WIFI.

Now we need to install the new iPhone Nand flash to the motherboard. Apply some solder paste to the solder pad, put iPhone Nand flash in the right position, and then use DES H95 5 IN 1 rework station to blow it.

How to Fix iPhone XR Camera Not Working Issue
After the motherboard is cooled, use iTunes to restore it, and then connect the iPhone motherboard and iPhone display screen to test the iPhone camera function, now both the iPhone rear camera and front camera can take pictures and store pictures properly, the iPhone camera function is back to normal. Next to test the iPhone face ID function, it's also normal.

Finally, assemble the iPhone XR.

Hope the repair method in this article is helpful to you. If you have other better repair methods, please leave a message in the comments.

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