How to Replace MacBook Pro Broken LCD Screen
We received a MacBook Pro with a broken LCD screen, and this MacBook Pro model is A1398. As we all know, the screen is a relatively fragile part of the Mac. If it is accidentally dropped or squeezed or bumped, the screen may be broken below. All we have to do is to remove the damaged screen and install a new LCD screen. How to replace a broken MacBook LCD screen, please read the article down.

Before we are going to remove the broken MacBook Pro LCD screen, we need to test the MacBook first. Press the MacBook Pro power button, the MacBook Pro screen displays smoothly; just the LCD screen is broken. The broken screen will affect the usage of the MacBook, so we have to replace it.

Shutdown the MacBook Pro, use Qianli 2D screwdrivers to remove the screws that fix the MacBook rear case, and then remove the MacBook rear case. Disconnect the MacBook Pro battery, and then remove the upper part of the MacBook.

How to Replace MacBook Pro Broken LCD Screen
First we need to remove the LOGO screen strips, actually, these strips are glass strips. Before we remove it, we need to use QUICK 861DW hot air rework station to heat it, and then use thin blade to remove it slowly. After removing the strips, we need to remove the rubber rings.

After removing the rubber ring, we need to use professional screen disassembling tools to remove the MacBook LCD screen.

Use Phonefix 861DW hot air rework station to heat the MacBook LCD screen, carefully control the temperature, don't be too hot. At the same time, use professional screen gravel thin blade to remove the LCD screen slowly.

How to Replace MacBook Pro Broken LCD Screen
After removing the MacBook LCD screen, we need to clean the double-sided adhesive,so that it doesn't cause poor connectivity between the screens. And please don't damage the backlight part.

Next we need to disassemble the iron strip under the LCD screen, because the new LCD screen doesn't comes with it. After disassembling the iron strip, fix it by double sided tape.

Now we need to install a new MacBook LCD screen, the rubber ring, screen frame cover, and then use screws to fix them.

After reinstalling the MacBook Pro LCD screen, press the power button to turn on the MacBook Pro, the MacBook LCD screen can display normally. It accesses the system to test other functions of the MacBook, and everything is normal for the MacBook. So the LCD screen of MacBook was replaced successfully!

Hope the method in this article is useful to you. If you have other effective ways to fix the broken screen, please leave a comment in the comments.

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