How to Replace Shattered or Cracked iPhone X Screen
Q: hello my tool box fell on top of my iPhone X functions still work minus screen but connects to my watch and car fine, and back side is fine. so is my iPhone X Display screen worth fixing or should I just buy a new phone?
How to Replace Shattered or Cracked iPhone X Screen

Yesterday, one of my friends asked me the question. I told him he can choose only replace a new screen and the iPhone X OLED Screen digitizer costs $50 on China Phonefix team's online shop.

Later, he buy it and want to challenge DIY by himself. So I did him a favor by recording the steps of replacing a screen in as much detail as POSSIBLE. Hope this article can be helpful to those who try to change their screens as well.

Steps for replacing iPhone X screen

1. Open the shattered or cracked Screen

How to Replace Shattered or Cracked iPhone X Screen
Start by switching off your iPhone. Use your pentalobe driver to remove the two screens at the bottom of your iPhone.

As for the shattered or cracked screen, put a few pieces of clear packaging tape over the damaged area to keep the glass in place and allow the suction cup to stick to the display.

Next place a suction cup onto the bottom of the screen. Pull up on the suction cup to lift the screen and then insert pry tool into the gap between them. First pry the bottom side up and slide your pry tool up each side to unclip it and break the adhesive.

Tips: Do not push the pry tool in too deep or separate the screen too far from the body as there are delicate ribbon cables between them which you may damage.
How to Replace Shattered or Cracked iPhone X Screen
The top side slides in underneath the edge of the body, pry it downwards and it should then come free. Once your display is free, open it up from the left side, and the opposite way to a book.

There are three ribbon cables along the right side which need to be disconnected. Remove the five screws securing the connector cover plate.

2. Display Assembly.
How to Replace Shattered or Cracked iPhone X Screen
Now use your spudger to disconnect the ribbon cable connectors. Start with the battery connector. Disconnect the two display ribbon cable connectors, and then the Face ID and forward facing camera connector.

Gently pry a small adhesive strip near the top keeping it in place away from the below ribbon cable. The display is now free from the body of your iPhone.

3-4. Earpiece Speaker and Front Sensor Assembly
How to Replace Shattered or Cracked iPhone X Screen
Remove the Face ID, earpiece and camera assembly over to your new display so that you keep your Face ID functionality.

Start with the centre screw which has a small bracket attached to it.  Remove the screw and put it aside with its bracket.

Tips: Remember to make a note of which screw goes where on this assembly as well.
How to Replace Shattered or Cracked iPhone X Screen
Remove the two tripoint screws and pry the earpiece assembly down and away from the speaker and sensors.

The remaining sensor ribbon cable assembly is quite firmly glued into place buy works free with a spudger. Now, you can install the assembly onto your new display.

5. Install the assembly onto your new display
How to Replace Shattered or Cracked iPhone X Screen
Before assembly, peel off any protective stickers on the back side of the screen, these are usually blue or pink if installed. Install the components in reverse, starting with the earpiece speaker and then proximity sensor.

Fold the remainder of the ribbon cable assembly up over the secured components.  Replace the outer two screws, the middle screw and bracket. It helps to orient the bracket and screw onto your screwdriver beforehand to make sure that it is the correct way around.

6. Reconnect your display and batteryHow to Replace Shattered or Cracked iPhone X Screen
 If you are going to replace your iPhone’s waterproof gasket, do it now. Remove any pieces of the old gasket from the edges of the iPhone body.

Stick the new gasket down along these edges, be careful not to touch the gasket until you’re ready to install the new display.Pressing the top Face ID ribbon cable connector into place.

They should easily snap into place and don’t require much force if correctly aligned.

Tips: Make sure that the connector halves a properly aligned before pressing them into place to avoid damaging the terminals.

7. Installing and Testing display
   How to Replace Shattered or Cracked iPhone X Screen
Now connect the two display ribbon cable connectors. Finally, replace the battery ribbon cable connector. Once this is done, it’s a good time to check that your new display is correctly connected and functions.

Try powering your phone back on and checking the functionality of the screen, touch and front facing camera. Also check all ribbon cables for any tears or bends.

Replace the cover plate, and the five tripoint screws. Fold the display down and slide the top into place.

Tips: If you have a new gasket which you’re installing, make sure the edges are aligned before touching the display to the gasket as it is difficult to re-position or move.

Press the top edge into place and press down along the edges to snap them into place. Press the bottom edge down and into place. Replace the two bottom pentalobe screws.
How to Replace Shattered or Cracked iPhone X Screen
Your iPhone X’s screen has now been replaced. Remove the protective film and install a tempered glass screen protector to protect it from future drops or scratches. Good luck with the repair and let us Phonefix know how it goes for you in the comments section below.

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