Instruction For Using JC J-BOX Tool To Jailbreak Unlock iPhone iPad
Have you experienced the great maintenance charm of J-BOX jailbreak programmer that makes maintenance more intelligent and convenient? JCID J-BOX jailbreak tool is used to jailbreak/repair iPhone Face ID True tone, or find Nand data, it can also help IOS devices bypass ID. The China Phonefix Team will share the features of the JBOX and how to use it in this article.

Instruction For Using JC J-BOX Tool To Jailbreak Unlock

Free query original Bluetooth and WiFi address though the J-BOX Jailbreak box shows the charm with strengthful for solving the jailbreak trouble, despite Mac or Windows. Code query function can tackle the problem of iPhone/iPad activation after Bluetooth/WiFi code is lost.


1. 2.4-inch HD LCD

2. Eye protection function, high accuracy and long service life.

3. It can work without a network and its fine appearance makes people feel comfortable. Function switching is more convenient, and selection is simpler and faster.

4. You can connect to JC Repair Assistant automatically, through the "Repair Fitting" page, and using U-disk to upgrade to the latest software version automatically.

5. English Chinese, jailbreak package upgrade and other parameter settings.

6. It supports jailbreak for all A7-A11 iOS 12.0-14.4 iPhone iPad devices, the latest iOS system and intelligent synchronous upgrade.

How to use J-BOX:

1. Connect your J-Box via type-c data cable to power on.

2. After loading, you can choose the language(Chinese/English), and check supported models.

3. Click "Confirm" button to enter the home page, and click "Switch" to select the App.

How to use jailbreak function?

After successful jailbreak of an IOS device, the original bluetooth wifi address can be retrieved , and the ID can be deleted with the help of other platforms.

1. Click "Switch" to choose "Jailbreak", and confirm it.

2. "Pls connect IOS device" will be displayed on the screen.

3. Connect the IOS device(iPhone/iPad) to J-BOX via an iPhone Lightning cable.

Instruction For Using JC J-BOX Tool To Jailbreak Unlock

4. After a successful connection, JBOX begins reading device information, and the device information is displayed on the screen.

5. JBOX prompts "pls enter the IOS into DFU", so please manually put the iPhone/IPAD into DFU mode.

6. When the iPhone/iPad goes into DFU mode, please click "jailbreak" to jailbreak the IOS device. (This process takes about 30 seconds)

7. When the screen displays "successful jailbreak", the jailbreak is finished. And J-BOX starts to read IOS information.

8. Press "Query" to enter the code query interface,  you can see the iPhone Nand Flash data.

9. Click "Quit" to go back to the home page.

How to Query Code?

1. Click "Switch" to choose "Query" and confirm it.

Instruction For Using JC J-BOX Tool To Jailbreak Unlock

2. As the iPhone/iPad has finished jailbreak, the system has started to query the code, JBOX will display the data.

Instruction For Using JC J-BOX Tool To Jailbreak Unlock

Those devices that can be charged when connected to the IOS Jailbreak Tool J-BOX can be jailbroken, and those that cannot be charged cannot be jailbroken.
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