iPhone 13 Pro Teardown Reveals Larger Battery

Today we will teardown iPhone 13 Pro to see the interior structural changes and how those changes will affect repair.

iPhone 13 Pro Teardown Reveals Larger Battery

While the iPhone 13 and 13 Pro feature the same design and many of the same features of the iPhone 12 lineup, improvements and changes include a bigger battery for all the models, 120Hz ProMotion displays for the 13 Pro, all-new camera systems, and more.

1. Remove bottom two screws and heat the phone for about 3 minutes. Lift the display with a Suction Cup and Plastic Card. Like iPhone 12 Pro Screen Display, the display flex cable of iPhone 13 Pro is on the left. So the iPhone 13 Pro display also opens from the right edge.

iPhone 13 Pro Teardown Reveals Larger Battery

2. Remove the three screws that secure the battery shielding cover. Detach the shielding cover. Disconnect the battery.

3. Loosen the four screws that hold the sensor module shielding cover. Disconnect the flex cables of the sensor and screen to remove the screen.

4. iPhone 12 Pro earpiece and previous earpiece is on the screen while the earpiece of iPhone 13 Pro is moved to the housing while the earpiece of the flex cables of display and touch are now integrated.

5. Remove the three screws that hold the sensor flex cable. Heat with QUICK 957DW Hot Air Gun to remove the flex cable.

6. The aperture of the ambient light sensor is at the bottom right of the notch. The flex cable integrates a front microphone, a distance sensor, and an ambient light sensor. It is less of a floodlight illuminator than the iPhone 12 Pro.

7. iPhone 13 Pro's dot projector has moved to the middle. Remove the 5 screws that hold the rear camera shielding cover. iPhone 13 Pro has a bigger triple-camera array than the iPhone 12 Pro rear camera.

It has a bigger and better wide angle shooter, new telephoto lenser with 3x optical zoom and faster ultra-wide module with autofocus.

iPhone 13 Pro Teardown Reveals Larger Battery

8. Detach the LiDAR buffer foam and LiDAR. Remove the double-layered designed motherboard. SIM card reader is welded on the motherboard. There are heat dissipation tapes on both sides of the motherboard.

9. Remove the earpiece. The size has been increased compared with the previous model. The dot projector and infrared camera of iPhone 13 Pro are integrated into one Face ID flex cable. Remove the Face ID flex cable.

10. Remove the flash flex cable. Unbolt the signal antenna and the NFC antenna. Remove the speaker and Taptic Engine out. The Taptic Engine of iPhone 13 Pro is smaller.

iPhone 13 Pro Teardown Reveals Larger Battery

11. Then remove the L-shaped battery. Use tweezers to slowly pull out the adhesive strips. Battery capacity has increased from 2815 mAh to 3095 mAh.

iPhone 13 Pro Teardown Reveals Larger Battery

In a summary,  the difference between 12 Pro and  13 Pro:

Opening the smartphone is not impossible, quite the contrary.

The digitizer and display cables are together

The Taptic Engine is slightly bulkier than that of the 12 Pro

The L-shaped battery is 11.97 Wh, 11% larger than the 10.78 Wh of the iPhone12 Pro battery.

You can also use 5000mAh/10000mAh Magnetic mobile power bank for Charging iPhone 13.

iPhone 13 Pro Teardown Reveals Larger Battery

In previous iPhones, the digitizer and display cables were individual parts that required separate connectors. This year's iPhone also includes labeling on the A15 Bionic processor's shielding.

The speaker is not fixed to the back of the display. It is easier to swap out if the need arises. However, it becomes more difficult to replace the speaker itself, having to extract the entire logic board.

In general, iPhone 13 Pro teardown is easier than its predecessor. Screen refurbishment and Face ID repair will become more difficult.

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