iPhone Repair Guide: JCID P13 Programmer New Version is Released!

The latest version for JC P13 programmer was released in December 3rd, 2021! This must be a good news for iPhone repair professionals since the new function will make iPhone programming work more convenient and efficient. It is free for JC P13 users!

iPhone Repair Guide: JCID P13 Programmer New Version

JCID P13 Programmer is BGA60, BGA70, BGA110 PCIE NAND Programmer and iPhone purple screen mode tool. The professional programming tool is mainly for NAND or PCIE reading and writing, boot file reading / writing, SYSCFG data modification and write, Unbind WIFI. You don't need to restore device firmware, it can support to write the SYSCFG data directly. Also, there is no internet required while using the P13 programmer. 

With the version, JC P13 programmer gets the new function for 12 and 13 disassembled NAND bottom layer reading. 

iPhone Repair Guide: JCID P13 Programmer New Version

Breakthrough operation:

1. The 12 and 13 iCloud SYSCFG data is still stored in NAND, JC P13 can successfully parse it;

2. You can click to query iCloud SYSCFG;

3. Then click to check backup record; 

4. Write or save SYSCFG.

The version is JC P13's first official server to query the SYSCFG data function, it can automatic algorithm matching of tens of millions of SYSCFG data. And also quickly check the iPhone NAND SYSCFG data, original Bluetooth/Wi-Fi code (Note: not 100% accurate).

About platform upgrade to, the brand new NAND need to be restored on mobile phone, and then put in P13 to query the SYSCFG data, and Bluetooth/Wi-Fi code, corresponding to the mobile phone.

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