JC V1S Pro Unveils Revolutionary Non-Removal Unbind App
JC V1S Pro Programmer has unveiled a groundbreaking development - an non-removal unbind app that enables users to unbind their phone from accessories without dismantling the hard drive. This revolutionary solution eliminates the need for costly repair fees or shipping expenses.
JC V1S Pro Unveils Revolutionary Non-Removal Unbind App

Challenges with Bound Phone Accessories

As you may be aware, certain phone accessories such as the Face ID, earpiece, screen, and rear camera are bound to the phone and cannot be replaced individually.

If any of these components become damaged, users must either pay a significant amount to Apple's official repair service or rely on third-party repair shops that may not be able to access encrypted data without unbinding the accessories.

Revolutionary Solution by V1S Pro
JC V1S Pro Unveils Revolutionary Non-Removal Unbind App

Until now, the only solution for unbinding the accessories involved dismantling the hard drive, which was both expensive and hazardous for both users and repair shops. However, V1S Pro has developed a solution that eliminates the need for hard drive unbinding.

By utilizing BGA70, BGA110, and BGA315 hard drive modules, V1S Pro can unbind all phone models without dismantling the hard drive. This is a significant breakthrough for the mobile phone repair industry.

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How to Use V1S Pro Non-Removal Unbind App

V1S Pro's new "Non-Removal Unbind" application is a game-changer. With just one click and three seconds, the app can unbind all accessories and automatically back up encrypted data to V1S Pro's cloud server.

After unbinding, users only need to burn the encrypted data to the cloud to restore all accessories. This new feature is so powerful that it can unbind all iPhone XR-14PM models with just one step.

All you need to do is connect your phone to V1S Pro and follow the prompts to upgrade your V1S Pro.
Note: Free for use after upgrading software to V1.31

Cost-Effective and Easy-to-Use Tool

The "Non-Removal Unbind" application is available for free on V1S Pro. It is a must-have tool for anyone in the mobile phone repair industry. With this application, phone repair has never been easier and more cost-effective.
How to use- Video Tutorial
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