Phone Screen and Back Glass Scratches? Here’s the Fix

Refurbishing the screen and back glass is a necessary step for phone repair and pre-owned phone recycling companies. The grinding and polishing machine is used to refurbish the phone screen, back glass and apple watch screen. Want to know how it works? Check out this blog!
Phone Screen and Back Glass Scratches? Here’s the FixThe old way to refurbish the screen and back glass is to replace the front glass and back glass, which is difficult, costly and less efficient. The grinding and polishing machine recommended this time is specifically designed to solve this problem in refurbishment.

For the front and back glass with smaller scratches, the TBK 938 grinding and polishing machine only needs 3-6 minutes to complete refurbishment while bigger scratches require 8-12 minutes, which shows great power in refurbishment.
Phone Screen and Back Glass Scratches? Here’s the FixThe TBK-938 intelligent polishing and polishing machine is used to refurbishing mobile phone screens, phone back glass and apple watch screens.

It fits for iPhone, Apple Watch, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi and so on, and also include Samsung curved screens. The features of the machine is listed below.

1. 4 Reasons Choose TBK-938 Polishing Machine

1. Frequency conversion stemless speed regulation
2. Intelligent air pressure sleeplessly adjust the down pressure
3. Built-in liquid circulation system
4. Built-in silent air pump
Phone Screen and Back Glass Scratches? Here’s the Fix(2). Screen 3D Polishing Machine

1. Step-less adjustment of pressure
2. Environmental protection and low noise
3. Water injection polishing

(3). Package Combination

The machine comes with automatic dispenser, UV curing box, waterproof glue, polishing powder and mold.
Phone Screen and Back Glass Scratches? Here’s the Fix(4). Simple Operation
Phone Screen and Back Glass Scratches? Here’s the FixWhat is Difference about TBK-938 and TBK-938 Upgraded?

1. The new smart screen polishing machine adopts the intelligent control system to automatically press down, and the old one needs to be manually set to start.

2. The new model adopts electronic constant pressure valve, the pressure is more stable, and the old model adopts pressure regulating valve.

3. There are three modes in the new control system: large scratches, medium scratches, and small scratches.


Q1: What’s the Lifespan of Grinding and Polishing Machine Supplies?

1. Sanding blanket: one blanket can be used for polishing 500pcs phones
2. Scroll Wheel: can use for 3--6 months, change it when it is worn out
3. Oleo-phobic oil: each bottle 20ml can use for 50pcs phones
4. Waterproof glue: one bottle for 20pcs phones
5. Powder: one bag for 500g, for 500pcs phones around

Q2: What is the monthly cost of supplies?

The cost of supplies depends on the quantity of the phone that needs to be grinned and polished. Phonefix offers the preferential packages based on the current quantity of supplies ordered by customers.

Q3: Is it difficult to make the phone waterproof with adhesive?

It is not difficult. A video tutorial will be sent to customers who have purchased the machine. Additionally, in order to improve efficiency of gluing, we have automatic glue dispenser machine on sale also, please contact us for more details.
There are a variety of mobile phone molds and other supporting equipment to choose from Phonefix, such as Mobile phone mould, TBK 905 UV curing box, TBK 983A automatic glue dispenser and TBK-988X rotatable LCD separator. If you need them, please contact us.

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