How to Choose Electric Screwdriver 2022 | Buying Guide
Do you need an electric screwdriver? Our verdict is a resounding 'yes!'. Buying a electric screwdriver can help you with so many of your tasks and projects as this little electric tool allows you to easily screw and unscrew.
How to Choose Electric Screwdriver 2022 | Buying Guide
For something that seemingly tackles a relatively simple job, prices of the humble electric screwdriver vary wildly according to brand cache, build quality and performance.

It's possible to pick something up for as little as £10 from some online outlets, but we'd suggest avoiding the really budget stuff, as the screw bits tend to break or round screws, the torque output generally isn't enough to tackle most jobs and the batteries don't last.

How to choose an electric screwdriver?

The first point it is important to define is the screwdriver’s frequency of use. If it needs to be used all day, it is better to choose a corded model. If it only needs to be used 2 or 3 hours a day, however, a cordless model might be appropriate, perhaps keeping an extra battery and a charger close by. 

It is important to pay particular attention to the screwdriver’s efficiency, especially if it needs to be used intensively.

The screwdriver’s head is fitted with a bit holder that might be magnetic or has a rapid release system. The bit holder makes it easy to rapidly insert the correct bit for the screw head.

The tightening torque is another point it’s important to consider. A high tightening torque means a strong screwing force. The higher the tightening torque, the easier screwing will be, even in hard material.

How to Choose Electric Screwdriver 2022 | Buying GuideThe tightening torque is directly linked to the power of the screwdriver. For mains powered corded electric screwdrivers, that power depends directly on the power of the motor. This varies between 450 and 705 watts.

For cordless electric screwdrivers, the power is linked to the battery voltage. This can go from 3.6 volts (V) to 18V for the most powerful ones.

For cordless electric screwdrivers, a high voltage allows for a longer battery life and avoids having to recharge the batteries too often. Certain electric screwdrivers are called impact electric screwdrivers: they are used for intensive screwing/unscrewing.

The rotation speed is an essential element, especially if you need to use your electric screwdriver regularly: corded electric screwdrivers generally have a higher speed of rotation than cordless ones.

Generally, electric screwdrivers only have one rotation speed. For corded electric screwdrivers, this is between 3,000 and 6,000 rpm (rotations per minute) and for cordless electric screwdrivers between 180 and 450 rpm.

For impact electric screwdrivers, the speed is indicated in counts per minute: it is between 3,000 and 50,000 cps/min.

Our Top Picks

After extensive hands-on testing, the TBK-BK008 Electric Screwdriver earned a spot on our list of the best cordless screwdrivers for a home or a phone repair and dismantling.

It is lightweight and compact enough to store in a drawer, carry in a tool belt, and tote to a work site. Any one of these tools would be an asset in a DIYer’s tool assemblage.
How to Choose Electric Screwdriver 2022 | Buying Guide
This cordless electric screwdriver is your go-to for small projects. A 800mA rechargeable lithium-ion battery keeps this tool charged over an extended period of time.

Change to forward or reverse with a turn of the collar and its s
afe speed is 395r/min. The torque control and 8 stall adjustment brakes makes it very flexible.

This 3.6-volt cordless screwdriver from Phonefix is comfortable to hold and comes with 24 kinds of bits, which is suitable for disassembly and repair of most mobile phones, tablet, iPad and watch.

The 24 kinds of bits lets you tackle a wide range of screws, from very small fasteners used in electronics to screws used in common household items such as furniture. You also get a storage box for the kit.


Can You Use a Magnetic Screwdriver On a Computer?

Yes - the magnet is generally not strong enough to cause damage to electrical components, however, you should be careful not to touch exposed circuitry near screw holes on a motherboard or hard drives.

What Screwdrivers to Open Macbook Pro?

The P5 Pentalobe screwdriver is used to open the Apple Retina Macbook Pro.

What Screwdrivers to Open iPhone?

A precision P2 Pentalobe screwdriver is required to open an Apple iPhone.


In this blog, we explained exactly what you should think about, before buying a cordless screwdriver. So, after reading it, we hope you’ve discovered an cordless power screwdriver that you like.

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