Refurbish iPhone X Screen By Replacing or Grinding
The way to refurbish the screen and back glass is to replace or grind the front glass and back glass. The several tools recommended are specifically designed to solve this problem in refurbishment screen by replacing or grinding.

Three LCD Separators to refurbish screen

The LCD Separator with Build-in Vacuum Pump is suitable for 7 inches cell phones or 12 inches table, iPad. It is used for separating LCD and touch screen of Apple, Samsung, HTC, Huawei, LG, Xiaomi Oneplus as well as other smart phones.

It can show both the setting temperature and actual temperature at same time. If the LCD is still working well, you just need to replace the touch screen.

Refurbish iPhone X Screen By Replacing or Grinding

How to use the LCD Separator?

1. Put your LCD with touch screen on the metal plate, LCD side above, Set the 4 arms to keep the touch screen on the metal plate stably.

2. Turn on the machine and wait for the metal plate become 80-100 degree(can not beyond 100 degree);

3. Start to separate the LCD off the glass with a core, then right and left movement with the core in between the LCD and the glass.

Please notice you must using gentle power and keep the core stay on the LCD surface, so that it will avoid the touch screen be damaged.

Mechanic 361 Pro LCD Separator is also a nother LCD screen separator machine, and it has hot plate phone repair heating Station. The rotatable phone LCD screen separator suits for cell phone flat edge screen repair.

Refurbish iPhone X Screen By Replacing or Grinding
Besides, TBK-988X LCD Separator has built-in double vacuum pumps, it also is a flat edge LCD touch screen rotary separator machine, and the maximum screen it can separated is up to 7 inches.

Refurbish iPhone X Screen By Replacing or Grinding
Grinding & polishing machine to refurbish screen

There are a lot  of  grinding and polishing machine, and I would like to show you how to refurbish screen with the TBK938 Screen Grinding Polishing Machine.

Refurbish iPhone X Screen By Replacing or Grinding
1. Turn off the iPhone. There are obvious scratches on the back glass. Put the phone into the iPhone 8 mold. Areas that need to be waterproofed include the noise-canceling microphone, the rear camera, and the edge of the phone.

After putting the phone into the TBK-605 UV Curing Box to solidify for 10 seconds. The machine uses a water circulation system. The polishing water is brought into the machine by a pump, which can be reused. The polishing water is made of polishing powder and water.

Refurbish iPhone X Screen By Replacing or Grinding
2. Place the mold plate in the grinding area with the back glass facing down. The machine comes with 4 mold plates. Two are single mold plates and the others are double mold plates.

After the grinding and polishing have completed, remove the waterproof adhesive and take out the phone with a suction cup.

The phone can be turned on and the camera works fine. The scratches have been successfully removed. Since the grinding and polishing time is short, there are some scratches at the bottom. You can grind and polish again until the scratches are gone.

3. Apply oleophobic coating to the back glass for a hydrophobic effect. Put the phone into the UV Lamp to solidify for 30 seconds. Test the hydrophobic effect with alcohol. The hydrophobic effect returns to normal.

For a long time, the back-glass refurbishment has always been a difficulty, and the current refurbishment method is to replace the rear cover directly or replace the back glass with a laser machine.

Refurbish iPhone X Screen By Replacing or Grinding

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